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Cruse America – Wrong Spelling, Right Place

Here at Cruise America we see all types of spelling for our name. We don’t take offense, we are just glad that people are discovering the wonderful world of travel via motorhome. Here are a few creative spelling attempts we have seen in the past:

Cruse America – We call this the humble spelling, as the “I” is left out of it
Cruze America – We figure these folks must own a Chevy Cruze
Cruz America – This is known as the short cutter’s method … right to the point. It also means “cross” in Spanish. They could be Penelope fans as well.
Cruising America – Definitely used by people living in the “here and now!”
Crews America – We figure this must be the people that work in groups
Croose America – Typically this means a cross between crazy and loose, but we assure you we are perfectly sane!

Whatever version you choose to use, Cruise America spells “winner.” Every year more and more people are discovering the comfort, convenience and affordability of traveling in one of our Cruise America RV rentals. If you forget how to spell it, just take a trip down any major highway and you’re bound to see one of our recognizable motorhomes rolling along.

Once our customers climb inside one of our RVs, they realize that there is no comparison to any other means of travel. Each unit contains all the comforts of home, including bathrooms complete with sink and shower, kitchen, and plenty of stretch out comfort in the sleeping quarters. Hot water is available on demand, as well as air conditioning and heating.

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Cruise America class C RVs come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your family or traveling party. Our well-trained customer service representatives can help you decide just what size motorhome would best suite your needs. Our motorhomes can sleep from three to seven people comfortably, depending on the size you choose to rent.

If you happen to have a pet, don’t leave it behind. Cruise America is a pet friendly group. Not only do they allow Fido to come along, they encourage it! There is plenty of room for him, and he’ll appreciate the comfort of RV travel too! No matter how you spell it, Cruise America always delivers. Give them a call today and let them help you discover the wonderful world of RV travel.