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Motorhome Rental - Feeling Crabby?

While I never had experienced a vacation in an RV, I recently had an epiphany, and suddenly a motorhome rental from Cruise America made perfect sense to me. Here are a few reasons why you should rent an rv:

  • Your shelter is always with you. You needn't stop to find overnight accommodations ... they are right under your nose when you rent a motorhome from Cruise America.

  • You carry your food with you, so you needn't hunt down restaurants every day

  • You can vary your trip, taking detours or side excursions whenever the urge hits you, as you are not subject to anyone else's schedule

  • You needn't meet the schedule of any check in or check out times. Stay up all night and sleep in all day if that is your wish

  • You choose your surroundings. You are not at the mercy of the hotel's location, because your hotel is with you!

This week I watched a documentary on sea life, and the different modes of survival employed by those creatures that are vulnerable to being eaten, which is virtually all of them, save the Blue Whale. Those shows intrigue me, and I have watched a myriad of them. My attention was particularly drawn to the Hermit Crab, and how it provided its own security to assure its survival. I noticed that all the other creatures in the sea needed to have a safe haven to go to when danger presented itself, or when they wanted to sleep without making themselves vulnerable to becoming another creature's lunch! Some of them swam into little underwater caves, just big enough for them to squeeze into. Others depended on their speed to get away before the enemy could catch them. Yet others would swim into the reeds and plants, or even under rocks to hide themselves while they slept.

The exception to this rule of survival is the hermit crab. It always carries a safe, hard and durable shelter on its back, so that if danger presents itself to Mr. Crab, he can just duck into his shell and ride it out. If he wants to sleep during the day (unlike any other creature), he can just slip into his shell and nap away.

It's good that he doesn't have to outrun his enemies, because the Hermit Crab isn't very fast. The fish swimming above him are much quicker ... but he doesn't care, as he has no schedule to keep. As a matter of fact, due to the added protection of his shell, he can vary his course and go anywhere that looks interesting to him. He can come out of his shell when he wants, but usually stays close enough to duck back in if needed, at least to spend the night!

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The Hermit Crab stores food in his maxillipeds until he decides to eat, so he can load up and eat at his leisure.

As I watched this sea life special, it dawned on me that a motorhome rental from Cruise America is like renting the security and convenience that a Hermit Crab enjoys on a constant basis.

If you want to experience an RV vacation, but you are not ready to purchase a motorhome, then Cruise America has the perfect opportunity for you by providing a motorhome rental that will fit the needs of you and your family. Visit your nearest Cruise America location, or click on to learn what other opportunities lie in store for you.