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A One Way RV Rental Can Serve Many Purposes

While an RV trip is usually a circuitous adventure, there are times when a one way RV rental is the way to go. By taking advantage of some of the "hot deals" on the Cruise America website, you can make out like a bandit with a one way RV rental and still get your mission accomplished. You get great savings on the mileage charges and daily rate, and obviously you pay nothing for the one-way drop off fees. This is because there are times when Cruise America needs a vehicle transported from one city to another, and what better way to do it than having someone enjoy a recreational vehicle experience on the way?

There are some situations where renting a motorhome for a one-way adventure is advantageous. Here are a few:

  • You may be going to a family event and would like to take a leisurely drive there, enjoying the sights, and having a place to stay once you arrive. You can rent another RV for the trip home, or you may wish to fly back.
  • If you are moving, an RV provides a great way to get there. Not only is it comfortable, but also it provides a great deal of hauling space for your belongings. And you can always tow a vehicle behind, also loaded up.
  • You may be headed on a cruise, and would like to enjoy an RV to the departure city. You can always turn in the vehicle at that city, and then fly from the arrival location back home. That way, you get at least half of the land trip in comfort and leisure.
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You can find out which destinations are available for the one-way specials by logging on to our website and clicking on the Hot Deals: Rentals tab. You will find the One Way Rental tab, which, when clicked, will show a list of choices you have for taking advantage of the one-way specials. It will tell you what city the motorhome must depart from, and where it must end up. The list changes regularly, so keep your eye out for upcoming cities that may match your needs. There are also other hot deals that one can take advantage of. Check them out, then come see us and let us get you into a motorhome!