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One Way RV Rentals – A Good Trip Doesn’t Have to be a Round One

Taking advantage of the one way RV rentals offered by Cruise America can be a real lifesaver. While renting an RV is perfect for taking a round trip family vacation, there are several occasions when it is more prudent to rent a motorhome one way:

  • Let’s imagine that you are moving from Mesa, Arizona to Orlando, Florida. You don’t have near enough room in your family vehicle to carry your belongings, however, the number of your belongings don’t merit hiring a cross-country moving truck. What better than to load up one of our Cruise America rental motorhomes and head out across the country? Oh, and as a bonus, you don’t have to stop and stay in hotels along the way!
  • Switch scenarios. Say you need to take your daughter and three of her friends off to college, traveling from Mesa, Arizona to San Diego, California with all their belongings. You need sufficient room for everyone to travel comfortably, but you don’t need it on the way back. So you take advantage of one of Cruise America’s one way RV rentals to get there. You drop the girls and their stuff off, turn the motorhome in there, and take the short flight back to Phoenix.
  • You live in Memphis, which is located on the west end of Tennessee. Uncle Ralph and Aunt Sally call you with a Thanksgiving Day invitation. They live in a cabin in Johnson City, which is on the extreme opposite end of the state. You know how small their cabin is, and there will be other family members there too, so you need a place to sleep. There are no hotels in the area … just trees! It’s a beautiful drive, but it’s 500 miles away. To get to their cabin, you must go over the river and through the woods (oh, wait, that’s grandmother’s house). Anyway it’s Thanksgiving Day and you know there will be “no room in the inn.” What do you do? You only have three days off, and one of those will be spent driving there. We know. Get a one way motorhome rental from Cruise America, drive there and stay in it during your visit, then fly back! Brilliant!
  • You are from El Escorial, Spain. You have a month long vacation over here in the United States and it is your desire to travel from one side of the country to the other. One of Cruise America’s one way RV rentals is what will allow you to do just that. You start in New York City and end in San Diego, stopping all along the way to take in the regional American culture from town to town. Once you get to San Diego, you are ready to drop off your Cruise America class C RV and prepare to fly back to Europe.
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So as you can see, there are many reasons why you may not want, or need, to make a circuitous route while on an RV vacation. Special deals can be found on the Cruise America website under the Rental Hot Deals tab. This tab will lead you to the One Way Rental Specials. Now and then we need to reposition RVs from one part of the country to another. If the location happens to coincide with where we need a vehicle and where you are traveling to, you are in for an incredible deal, as you get substantial savings on the time and mileage charges, as well as the forfeited one way drop off charges.

So let’s Cruise America, even if it’s just one way!