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Pet Friendly RV Rentals � From a Dog Who Loves to Travel

Pet friendly RV rentals have to increase, or my kind is going to go barking mad.

My name is Bosco. I am an English bulldog who recently taught my owners a new trick. It's called pet friendly RV rentals. I was sick to death of being dropped off at the kennel every time my owners went on a trip. Even though they thought they were dropping me off at a "luxury" doggie resort, I can guarantee you that there was nothing luxurious about it. All that barking you hear when you walk into one of those places are not yelps of joy! They would rather be traveling with their owners, who probably don't even know that they have an option when they rent an RV. Here are a few of the kinds of pets that your owners can take with them on vacation in a pet friendly RV rental from Cruise America:

  • Dogs
  • Cats (if you can stand them)!
  • Goldfish
  • Chinchillas
  • Three Toed Tree Sloths
  • Monkeys
  • Very small goats (watch the chewing)

Truth be known, pet owners can take any kind of pet they want. All they have to do is clean up after themselves ... and us.

Teaching my owners this pet friendly RV thing was actually pretty easy. They went to Cruise America to look at the different motorhomes for rent, and I went along with them. I had to really use the "puppy dog eyes" for this, but it worked, and off we went. Once we got to Cruise America so my owners could arrange a rental, a female human reached down and began to pet me right between the eyes, which I really hate. I'd much prefer behind the ears. Anyway, this human asked my owners how I liked traveling in an RV, and they looked at each other like they had just seen a Milk bone factory! They asked if they could take me along in the RV, and the human lady said "of course" they could. They just needed to be sure to clean up after "yours truly" and that there would be no problem at all having me come along on trips. Who knew that Cruise America liked us so much, and that they offered pet friendly RV rentals?

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Since then, they have been taking me on trips all the time. They even find RV parks that like us pets too, which I guess is pretty easy. I am an adorable dog!

Lastly, I have to mention that traveling in an RV is very easy to do for us animals. There is so much legroom, I can lie down and stretch all four of them at the same time. It's a cinch to lie down and nap most of the entire trip. No more cramped cars, and no more jumping from seat to seat when traveling in that car my owners have. Lastly, no more doggie resorts!