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It is so easy to rent a motorhome. If most people realized how simple the procedure was with Cruise America, they would not ever choose any other form of travel. Aside from its simplicity, the luxury and comfort of RV travel equates to a journey that most would describe as “the only way to travel.”

When we speak of rental motorhomes or RVs, we typically think of vacationing. While they are certainly used for that more than anything, there are other uses that people have found very helpful.

Houseguests – How many times have you had people in from out of town and had no room to accommodate them? You don’t want to be rude and break the news to them that “there’s no room in the Inn,” but you also don’t want them sleeping on the floor. How incredibly convenient to drop by a Cruise America rental center and rent the size that would most comfortably house your family or guests. You can then convert your driveway into an extension of your home. Anyone who has not experienced a Cruise America RV is probably not aware of just how comfortable our units are. The beds are great and the climate control works very well. There is a bathroom, complete with a hot shower, as well as a full kitchen and eating area, and plenty of sleeping and storage to boot.

Headquarters – Many businesses and various agencies find that they need remote command centers at events or locations. With the comfortable seating arrangements in our Cruise America coaches, they make great temporary bases, either for day or night use. Because they are completely self-contained, they can be parked anywhere and still maintain their full functionality. So whether it’s a law enforcement agency, a forest fire management department or a press headquarters, Cruise America is always a great assist when needed.

Moving – So often, people who are moving their residence long distance find that they cannot fit all of their belongings and their family members into their personal vehicle. They don’t want to pay for a large moving truck or relocating service. If they rent a Cruise America RV one-way, they can comfortably traverse the state or country in comfort. They can stop and rest or sleep when needed because they are driving a great hotel.

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Special Events – There are football tailgate parties, horse races, car races, fairs and other seasonal events that would be so much easier to attend if you could just stay right on, or next to, the grounds where it is all happening. With Cruise America, that becomes possible. Most big events have RV accommodations right on the property so that you don’t have to drive to the hotel or home each time you leave the happening. You can rest up, take a nap, or stay the night, then get right back into it.

So while there is not a better way to travel than in an RV, there are so many other reasons to rent a motorhome. Visit us on our website to see what size will work for you … for whatever!