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Rent an RV One Way

Round trips are not always the answer when renting an RV. To rent a motorhome for a one way trip is sometimes necessary, or more advantageous, depending on your needs. Why would someone ever want to rent an RV one way? Here are a few scenarios:

  • Relocating Residences — Many times this involves multiple vehicles, including a truck or a trailer full of your belongings, and one vehicle for the kids to ride in. How much nicer would the trip be if one of the vehicles was a Cruise America RV, complete with kitchen, restroom and comfort? Cruise America can arrange the one way trip for you, and help you decide which model would be best for your travel needs.

  • Time Constraints — There are times when you would like the comfort of an RV trip, but the place you want to visit is a long ways away. It is enjoyable to get there via motorhome, as you can stop and enjoy all the attractions and scenery along the way. When you do arrive at your destination, you can have a wonderful time in your recreational vehicle. However, due to time restraints, you can't meander back home in the fashion you came, so you must leave the RV at the nearest Cruise America location and fly home.

  • Departure Destinations — There are times when you need to get to a departure destination that isn't near your home. From there, you must board another means of transportation, i.e., cruise ships, trains, etc. In this case, you may want to rent an RV one way from Cruise America to travel to your departure destination of say, your cruise ship, then leave the RV at the local Cruise America location. In this case, you may arrive at a completely different port and fly back to your hometown.

The typical RV rental from Cruise America involves a family picking up the motorhome at the Cruise America rental center, traveling on a road trip in a circuitous fashion, and returning it back to the same place it was rented. But what about the times we need to rent an RV one way?

Cruise America can provide RVs for one way trips to their customers, so long as they have adequate notice so that arrangements can be made. Cruise America also offers special rates from time to time when they need an RV delivered to a certain location on a one way basis.

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Whether you are a one way traveler, or a round trip adventurer, Cruise America wants to help you have a successful trip. To find out more about how to rent an RV one way, click on to, or visit any of their numerous locations around the nation.