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Some Don't Rent RVs Because They are Intimidated

To rent RVs makes perfect sense in so many ways, but there are those who do not rent RVs because they are intimidated. There are a few common reasons that make people not want to rent RVs:

They Don't Know What They Need – If you are hesitating to call Cruise America because you don't know what type of motorhome you need, then you must call them, as they can help you determine which size best suits your requirements. They will be able to do this as long as you provide them with the basic information; how many are traveling, where you are going and how long you will be gone. If there are items you don't have, such as camp equipment, cookware, or bed and bath linens, Cruise America can assist you by renting you the needed items.

They are Intimidated by the Technical Info – There are a few things to learn when you rent a motorhome. You must learn how to operate the generator and the water pump. You need to know how to hook up the water supply, the sewer connection and how to drain the waste tanks. Lastly you will need to learn how to fill up the reserve water tank. The good news is that all of these operations are very simple, and require very little time to learn. Once you have completed these tasks just once, they are easy to do.

They Fear the Driving – There are some motorhomes that are very difficult to manipulate on the highways and especially in tight spaces, like parking lots and motorhome park spaces. Some recreational vehicles are large bus-like coaches that require a great deal of practice to drive safely. However, at Cruise America we only rent class C RVs. They are smaller and lower to the ground than the bus size class A models, and, built on regular size frames, they are as easy to drive as a family pickup truck or van. Those who rent RVs appreciate the availability of these “easy to drive” class C motorhomes.

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When you rent an RV from Cruise America, their expert staff will walk you through an orientation, during which they will explain all you need to know about your upcoming RV trip. Once a beginner RVer has become accustomed to the recreational vehicle, it is very easy to operate all aspects of the vehicle. There is no intimidation that should exist, as it is so very easy to do.

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