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RV Hire USA – A Perfect Fit for Everyone

If you are looking for an RV for hire, USA or Canada is the place to do it, and Cruise America is the company to use. Cruise America has two pieces of incredible news for you; In the United States of America, we have a diverse countryside. All four seasons bravely manifest themselves somewhere within our country’s boundaries. So, the first tiding of great joy is that you don’t have to stray away from your home country to find some of the most beautiful landscape and scenery in the world. Secondly, one of the best ways to see this marvel of a country is to hire a rental motorhome to carry you around the nation, and we know just how to accomplish that. At Cruise America we offer up several options for your trip, including the size of motorhome your party will require. Here are the different sizes of your RV hire USA, or RV hire Canada, available to you and your traveling party:

Compact: This RV rental would be just the right size for the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary. It will hold three people comfortably, and has all of the fancy accoutrements that the larger models have. It is 19’ long and is powered by a V-8 engine.

Standard: This would be the size that the Jackson Five group would have needed to stay in. Each of them would have had comfortable sleeping arrangements, and still enjoy all of the comforts of home. It is 23’-25’ long and is powered by a V-8 engine as well.

Intermediate: A perfect vehicle that the Brady kids might take a sibling’s trip in. It will hold six people, each with a great deal of room to move around in. This motorhome is 28.4’ long and is powered by a V-10 motor.

Large: With a place to sleep each of Snow White’s dwarves, this unit is the largest of the models available from Cruise America. It comfortably accommodates seven people, even if they aren’t miniature. This unit measures 28’-30’ and is powered by a V-10 engine as well.

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If you have more than eight people in your party, it’s time to get on the phone and talk to Cruise America about renting multiple units. What a great trip when you have a caravan of friends and family, all enjoying the comfort and convenience of motorhome vacationing. It is a great way to travel, and there is no more comfortable or enjoyable way to get from one place to the next.

To learn more about the different sizes of motorhomes, and how you can start enjoying one on your next vacation, give us a call or drop by any of our more than 130 rental centers. Let’s cruise, America.