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If You Have No RV, Rent One!

If you have been wanting to explore the world of motorhome travel, but don’t have an RV, rent one from Cruise America! The recreational vehicles for rent at Cruise America are all class C models. This is because after all their decades of experience, Cruise America has found that the class C RV is the most comfortable, easy to manage and economical motorhome on the market today. Some of the advantages of the class C:

  • The class C is much easier to handle on the road. Its standard van or pickup frame leaves it low to the ground, allowing better visibility and easier handling capabilities. It feels like you are driving a family van rather than an RV.
  • Just because the class C isn’t the biggest does not mean it’s not the most comfortable. There is an overhead sleeping area in the class C that the bigger class As don’t have. This not only makes for comfortable sleeping, but provides an extra storage area as well. There are also three entry and exit doors. The low profile makes the vehicle easier to get in and out of
  • The class C provides an extra level of safety over its larger cousin, the bus-like class A. More visibility and a lower profile make it easier to see the vehicles around you.
  • Parking is a huge advantage that the class C has over the larger motorhomes. Getting in and out of a camp space at the RV park is a cinch, as is the case with parking lots and tight spaces.
  • Better maneuverability in windy conditions. Because of the low profile design, the class C is better handled in the wind. You don’t continually feel like you are about to be blown off the road.
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RV rent expense is money well spent, as it gives you the opportunity to try different models and sizes, so that in the event you choose to buy a motorhome, you will have tried a variety of options, and you will know what most suits you fancy. Get more information on how to rent an RV by visiting us at