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RV Rental One Way Can Save Your Budget

There is a really great way to take advantage of RV travel, and pay very little! From time to time, Cruise America needs to transport one of their RVs to a different rental location, but they have no driver to get it there. The discount that you receive by taking an RV rental one way is substantial. You get a huge savings on the time and mileage charges, and obviously, you pay no one-way drop off fees. This idea may appeal to you if:

  • You are moving, and want to take an RV for extra space for belongings
  • You are going to visit, and would like to take a very leisurely drive going, but would rather fly back once you’ve seen the cross country sights
  • You may want to go there and take advantage of the discount, then rent a motorhome from Cruise America for the trip home.

In order to learn which locations you can go to using the RV rental one way discount, log on to and click on Hot Deals: Rentals. There, you will find the One Way Rental tab. When you click on this, it will give you a list, showing your choices of what city you would need to depart from, and what city the motorhome rental needs to end up in. The list changes frequently, so keep your eye on it regularly.

Some of the other plans that you will find under the Hot Deals tab are:

Half Price Mileage Specials – This deal applies to local rentals departing on certain dates, which are always listed on the website. To take advantage of this half-off deal, call the reservation center at (800) 671-8042 and let them know of your interest. Be sure to provide the “Hot Deal Code” listed on the site.

Earn Thousands of Free Miles Program – If you rent a motorhome for a period of ten days or more, you will earn an additional 1,000 free miles. That’s a huge savings! This deal applies to local rental centers all over the US and Canada. The rental period is not to exceed 34 days. If you go to the Hot Deals tab and click on the Free Miles section, you will find the dates that this deal is applicable. Be sure to use the Hot Deal Code listed on the site.

50% Off Additional Nights - This deal applies to local rentals of 8 nights or longer at any rental center. You can check the website for specific dates in which this will apply. To arrange your free rental nights, call the reservation center and reserve online. Be sure to use the rental code you will find on the website.

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Rolling Into Arizona – For anyone who wants to travel to central Arizona, this is a deal that cannot be beat. Arizona is where the refurbishing facility of Cruise America is located. When a recreational vehicle is due to come into the factory and be refurbished, Cruise America will post the need they have, and you can be the one that takes it to them. In doing so, you are allotted a sufficient number of miles to arrive in Phoenix. Most of these units are 2006 model years. Give the Cruise America reservation center a call to schedule your trip to Arizona the minute they have the need.

There is no better way to travel than in the comfort of a Cruise America motorhome. Even if you don’t take advantage of the special deals, it is still the most comfortable and economical way to travel.