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Discover Western Idaho with a Boise RV Rental

Any trip of real adventure and discovery in Idaho absolutely must start with a Boise RV rental. Situated on the western periphery of the majestic Rocky Mountains to the east, and the start of the rolling hills and valleys of Oregon to the west, Boise is the largest city between Salt Lake City and Portland. As such, it's the perfect place from which to launch an RV road trip to all destinations in the Gem State and the Northwest.

As you head out on your journey to some of the wonders of the west with family or friends in your standard size RV, you won't have to go that far to discover something really fascinating: that you're in one of the largest Basque communities to be found anywhere outside of Spain's Basque Region. During your stop in Idaho's Basque country, you can enjoy the art of traditional dance as presented by the Oinkari Basque Dancers of Boise.

After that, taking to the highway for just about 100 miles will put you right in the middle of great fishing as you enjoy the sparkling waters of Idaho's fourth biggest body of water - Lake Cascade. This stunningly beautiful lake is just begging for you to wet a line and pull out a nice-size steelhead or rainbow trout. A few minutes later the aroma of fresh-frying fish will waft from your RV's kitchen out across the lake.

Traveling onward in your Boise RV rental, you'll find plenty of RV-ready campsites in the most picturesque of places, all which add to your comfort and pleasure in your recreational vehicle adventure. This includes part of the breathtaking Snake River Valley that stretches some 400 miles from Wyoming to the Idaho-Oregon border.

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But we're just getting started on our Boise-area journey of discovery. There are many other sites not that far away. A must-see is the Craters of the Moon National Park, which is approximately an hour east of the city. And the Payette National Forest with the incredible vistas provided by the overlooks near Grand View.

If you have a really adventurous spirit, the Snake River area near Boise will get your blood pumping with some whitewater rafting, or an exhilarating mountain biking side trip. Or, park your motorhome rental by a scenic stream for a bit of trout fishing.

Whatever your heart desires - scenic beauty, great fishing, high adventure or just relaxing by the water with your best friends as your soul catches up with your body - you'll find it with a Boise RV rental as you discover America first hand.