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RV Rental California – No Matter Which Way You Drive, You Hit Fun

If you're thinking of an RV rental, California stands out like a sore thumb. The problem is that there is just no way to cover the entire state in one trip, unless you have decided to take five years off work to venture out and explore! From the “City of Angels” to the Golden Gate Bridge, California offers up some of the richest tasting exploration dishes in the world. Here is one of many lists of the top twenty things to see and do while maneuvering your Cruise America RV rental California style.

  1. Taking in the gorgeous scenery as you drive your rental motorhome along the 101 north of San Francisco
  2. Enjoy the most amazing views in Yosemite National Park, and all that it has to offer
  3. Travel to Lassen Volcanic National Park to gaze upon the world's largest plug dome volcano
  4. Make your way to Long Beach to see the famous RMS Queen Mary. Take the tour, and you may be lucky enough to see a ghost, or stay in one of the rooms, as it is now a hotel
  5. Drive down highway 1 to see the dynamic duo of the Hearst Castle and the San Simeon beach. Don't miss the sea elephants, who will be patiently waiting for you
  6. Head to the California State Capitol Museum in Sacramento and tour the state capitol building.
  7. Go to the Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park in Buena Park, which has been slated as one of the funnest theme parks in the country.
  8. Napa Valley and the Vineyards provide a great place to uncork your imagination and take in the tours. Maybe even crush a few grapes?
  9. Stroll through the Paul Getty Museum, where you'll find massive displays of artwork and thought provoking exhibits
  10. Visit the largest freshwater lake of the Sierras, Lake Tahoe. There are great ski resorts nearby, depending on the season you visit
  11. Become a kid again at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where you will enjoy 16 major thrill rides. Amongst others, you will find Goliath and its 26-story drop
  12. If you're feeling like you're in a sub-surface mood, Sea World is a great place to visit. Share your thoughts with the dolphins while you're there
  13. If you like the look, taste, and smell of animals, you mustn't skip the San Diego Zoo. The animals are practically countless, and you get an up-close view of so many species
  14. Death Valley National Park and Mt. Whitney ... the lowest and highest spots of intercontinental North America
  15. Visit the Redwood National Forest and feel how peaceful it is to feel so small
  16. If you visit the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, you get to feel just a little bit of what it is like to live like a star
  17. For the true feel of City by the Bay, ride the trolley and to get a hold of that San Francisco treat. Visit San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge and don't miss out on the great seafood by the bay
  18. Come see the Happiest Place on Earth by stepping into the imagination of Walt Disney's Disneyland Resort. Everywhere you look, you will see his life's dream coming true
  19. Labeled one of the cleanest, wealthiest places in the world, Newport Beach will not disappoint you. Visit near Christmas and see the brightly lit boat parade held each year
  20. Tour the gardens and art exhibits of the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena
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Bear in mind that this list is the creation of one man, and is completely subjective to the opinion of others. It does not even come close to touching on all there is to do in your rental motorhome from Cruise America. Remember that when you go to Cruise America for an RV rental, California is one of those states that require no particular direction to find something fun and exciting to do. The best list to go by is the one that you create yourself.