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Phoenix RV Rental – Take Your Choice of Climates

With an RV rental, Phoenix is a great starting point. That’s because you can pretty much take your choice of landscapes you’d like to visit. Phoenix is centrally located, so it’s a great place to designate as your Arizona home base. From here, you can enjoy:

Desert – All around Phoenix you will find gorgeous desert landscapes, rich with cactus, wild flowers and desert dwelling creatures. There is nothing prettier than the desert during a full moon, as the light falls to the sandy floor and bounces onto nearby hillsides and magnificent giant Saguaro Cacti. The sound of the coyotes is reminiscent of women and children warming up before church choir practice. This cannot all be enjoyed from the balcony or patio of a hotel room. The way to enjoy the Arizona desert at night is from a lawn chair or chaise lounge sitting next to your Cruise America RV rental.

Mountains – Heading northeast out of the Phoenix area, the sandy beige floor of the desert gradually turns to rich, brown fertile soil as the elevation rises. Rich, green trees replace the cacti, and the temperatures step down to a much cooler climate. As you navigate your RV rental higher into the Arizona mountains, the more lush the landscape becomes.

Grand Canyon – Heading due north out of Phoenix, you are piloting your Cruise America motorhome to the biggest hole in the world; the Grand Canyon. Known as one of the natural wonders of the world, and with an average depth of one mile, this canyon is 277 miles long, and 18 miles wide. There are many places that you can take your Cruise America RV to camp for the night, the week or the season, right near the canyon. Through the windows of your motorhome rental you can look into the air and watch the hawks soar over the canyon walls, or see the spectacular sun drop down into what looks to be the west side of the world.

Water – There are a great number of lakes and rivers in the central Arizona region. Recreational boating and fishing are a huge pastime in the Copper State. The lakes are numerous, and stay brisk for a great getaway from the summer sun. When the summer sun gets to be a real sizzler, you can grab your inner tubes and enjoy a four-hour float down the Salt River.

If winter activities are part of your recipe for fun, there is a great deal of snow that falls in the northern regions of the state during the winter. Whether snow skiing or just tubing and sledding with the kids, you can find it within an hour or two of the City of Phoenix.

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Because of the 9 months of mild climate in the Valley of the Sun, there are a large number of perfect places to take your Phoenix RV rental that are within a short distance from Phoenix. Because of this, there is an abundance of RV parks in the area. You needn’t travel far to locate the ideal RV park for you. If you are not the park type of dweller, then you have the whole state to choose from.

To learn more about how you can find the perfect Phoenix RV Rental from Cruise America, give us a call or visit us on our website. Let’s cruise, America.