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Am I Getting a Good RV Rental Price?

The question "Am I getting a good RV rental price?" is completely ambiguous, as there are so many varieties of RVs one can rent, along with seasons of the year and geographical Cruise America locations from which they are obtained.

Rather than evaluate if you are getting a good deal on your RV rental price, it might behoove you to compare the cost of renting a Cruise America RV as opposed to what it would cost you to go with the conventional airplane and hotel route for your travel. You must also take into account the enjoyment factor and comfort of traveling in a Cruise America RV. These subjects combined should help you decide whether or not you got a good RV rental price from your Cruise America dealer.

Here is the breakdown of a typical vacation comparison. Let's say we are driving from Phoenix to Disneyland with a family of six. Bear in mind that the prices are approximate and average, as they vary from season to season:

Airline Tickets for six (round trip) = $2,352.00
Cost of airline tickets when you rent an RV = ZERO

Hotel rooms (two) near the Disneyland area for three nights = $900.00
RV space rental near Disneyland area for three nights = $150.00

Car rental for three days = $210.00
Class C RV rental and mileage for four days (to allow for travel time) = $505.00

Gas for rental vehicle = $30.00
Gas for RV from Phoenix to Anaheim and back = $245.00

Restaurant and snack costs for entire family (12 meals) = $960
Restaurant and snack costs when you rent an RV = $340

Final Tally:

Trip without RV = $4,452.00
Trip with RV = $1,240.00

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It is evident that the cost of traveling in a motorhome is considerably less than taking he conventional route of flying in a plane and getting a hotel. But there are a few items to also take into consideration when deciding if you got a good deal on your RV rental rates:

When you travel in a recreational vehicle, you can eliminate the hassle of airport security lines, cramped seats in the aircraft and transportation worries once you land. You can also forget about room availability and check-in/checkout times at the hotel, because you are traveling in your own very comfortable rolling hotel from the time you leave your home until the time you return.

In short, only you can determine if you got a good deal on your RV rental price, but if you rented it from Cruise America, it is a safe bet to say that you did.