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Renting an RV in San Diego? Learn How to Use Your RV Water Tanks

Are you one of the thousands enjoying an RV rental in San Diego? If you are, you're not alone! This seems to be a very popular spot for renting motorhomes. It isn't just the San Diego area, it is the whole California Coast! That is why Cruise America has more than 20 locations in the Golden State alone. A San Diego RV rental is a great way to travel around the state, and our motorhomes are completely self-sufficient. For those who are unfamiliar with RV travel, the water situation can be a little confusing no matter where you are vacationing. This is what you will learn when you rent an RV from Cruise America.

There are three different types of water tanks on your motorhome:

Fresh Water: This is the water that you use to bathe, cook, wash dishes, flush toilets, etc. Before the traveler starts out, the fresh water tanks are filled, and can be refilled, as needed throughout the trip. The water can come from any clean, potable water supply. When you use your fresh water supply, there is an onboard electric pump to get the water from the tank to where you need it. A special hose is included with your rental for filling up the fresh water tank. It is dedicated specifically for drinking water, so it remains clean at all times. Most municipal water systems provide safe, clean water. Be sure that whatever source you hook up to is potable, and is safe for human consumption. Cruise America cleans and sanitizes the water tanks on all of their motorhomes on a regular basis to prevent any mold or bacteria from forming in warm, damp conditions.

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Gray Water: The gray water tank is where the water from your kitchen sink, shower and bathroom sink goes (when you are not hooked into a sewage drainage system). If you are staying in an RV park or camping location that provides a sewer system, you can drain your gray water directly into that. If there is no sewer system to drain into directly, it will go into your onboard gray water tank and can be dumped at any location with a dump station. One of the things that fills up the gray water tanks the quickest is the shower. Many people choose to shower at the campground showers when they are available to avoid filling up their gray water tanks. It is not ethical to just drain this gray water onto the ground, as it contains soaps and detergents that can be ecologically toxic.

Black Water: The black water is the waste that is flushed down the RV toilet. It is dumped into the sewer system at the campsite or sewage dump station. It is important to keep the valve shut to the sewage hose until your tank is about three quarters of the way full. This assists in the drainage when the valve is open, as it keeps the waste liquefied and helps to prevent clogging.

Well there you have the "water 101" lesson of what to expect with a rental RV by Cruise America. Whether it's a San Diego RV rental, a Canadian RV rental, or anywhere else, the water situation is the same.