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Do You Know the Way To San Jose?

"Do you know the way to San Jose?" is a very common question if you happen to listen to old Dionne Warwick songs, but a better question to ask would be "Do you know where to get an RV rental in San Jose once you get there?" Well it just so happens that Cruise America offers rental RVs in San Jose, along with more than twenty other locations in the Golden State.

Exploring the west coast can be accomplished by various means, such as:

Family Vehicle: Pack up mom, dad, the kids, the luggage, snacks, and maybe even the family pet, Fido. If you are willing to sacrifice comfort and give up your legroom, you may even fit a small cooler with drinks. Your luggage will fit on top of the vehicle if you balance it just right, and hopefully it won’t rain. In this manner you get to see the sights between your restroom stops, your restaurant stops, and finding a hotel.

Train: You could take a train from Northern California to Southern California, only you don’t get to decide your route, and they’re not too keen on stopping at viewpoints to allow you to snap some photos. Oh, and they absolutely refuse to pull over for the night if you see a town that you’d like to explore.

Bus: See Train

Airplane: Unless you are piloting your own low flying helicopter, you will not be doing much sight seeing … or stopping.

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Recreational Vehicle: You could take your RV, or if you don’t have one, you could rent a motorhome from Cruise America and explore, as you desire. You could stop at interesting towns, viewpoints or attractions. You could carry your food supply with you without sacrificing any leg space, and the passengers can even kick back in bed, or in comfortable chairs, and sightsee while traveling, or play video games, or just take a long, relaxing nap. Oh, and you can stop at any restaurant you would like to eat at, or you could fix your own meals in your kitchen. You would not be subject to dirty, smelly gas-station restrooms, because you would have your own to use whenever. Oh, and don’t worry about where to put the luggage … there’s plenty of room in the lower cargo storage bins; bring as many bags as you like. As far as a hotel, you’re in it. Stop wherever the view is the best, and don’t worry about checking in and out, just wake up when you wake up.

As you can see, you have many options for coastal exploration, but it seems to me that an RV rental in San Jose is a pretty good way to start a relaxing, comfortable and all around amazing vacation adventure on the west coast.