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RV Rental Seattle – The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen

If you're looking for beauty from the windshield of your Cruise America RV rental, Seattle is your target. As the song says, "The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle, and the trees, the greenest green in Seattle." An RV rental "Seattle style" offers an endless array of things to see and do, and may include visits to some of these places located in or near the Emerald City:

Snoqualmie – About twenty-five miles out of town, halfway between Seattle and Snoqualmie Pass, you can pilot your motorhome rental to this quaint little town nestled in the heart of the mountains. With historic landmarks, unparalleled beauty, and world-class facilities, this community offers the small-town charm that is becoming harder and harder to find. While there, you will not want to miss the breathtaking sight of Snoqualmie Falls. These majestic waterfalls eject a cascading river down 268 feet of granite cliffs. These falls are even higher than Niagara Falls! If you have any interest in railroad history, you can visit the Northwest Railway Museum, which is full of intriguing artifacts and exhibits that will satisfy any future wannabe train conductors. You can even take a ride on an old antique train while on a scenic five-mile trip along the historic railroad tracks. By the way, there is a lot of shopping, eateries and local festivities for you to take in while there.

Seattle's Underground Tour – Next steer your Cruise America motorhome in the direction of downtown Seattle and be ready to be amazed by a tour of the Seattle Underground. In the late 1800's a Seattle cabinetmaker accidentally overturned and ignited a glue pot, which led to the destruction of 31 blocks of wooden structures that comprised the downtown area. Rather than attempt to rebuild the city, the leaders decided to raise the streets a couple of stories higher and start over, only this time building out of brick or stone. In 1965 Bill Speidel saw a profit making opportunity and created a tour of the remaining underground edifices. It became very popular and remains so today. It is an intriguing trip into the past, and will astound the tour taker that there is a whole existence under the hustle and bustle of the current downtown Seattle.

Pike Place Market – Anyone who visits Seattle, must step out of their RVs to take in what's known as "The Soul of Seattle." In August of 1907 eight farmers brought their produce into the town and set up shop on the corner of First Avenue and Pike Street to sell their fresh produce. They were swarmed with townsfolk looking for good, affordable fruits and vegetables, and within a couple of hours the farmers were completely sold out. Hence, the market was born. Later that year there was a building erected to house all the merchants who wanted to join in. Immediately every space in the building was filled. Pike Place now holds the title of America's premier farmer's market, and there are over 200 year-round businesses selling their goods and services. These businesses, along with street performers and musicians, attract over 10,000,000 visitors annually, making it one of Washington's most frequently visited destinations. What a great place to purchase produce and fresh seafood to take back to your RV rental from Cruise America to cook up for a delightful dinner a la Seattle.

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It doesn't really matter where you go when you visit Seattle in an RV rental from Cruise America, as you are always in the midst of beauty. Just the relaxation and tranquility of making your own schedule and taking your sweet time creates a peaceful, stress-free experience.

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