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The Best Way to See Virginia

This writer once heard a man visiting from Brazil describe Virginia as a veritable garden, when compared to many other states he had visited. That couldn't be truer. And the Old Dominion state is a camping paradise that's full of history, incredible beauty and festivals aplenty. All of which can best be enjoyed from a comfortable and affordable recreational vehicle from a Virginal RV rental location.

The best part of RV travel is not only visiting the scenic rivers, idyllic woodlands and bucolic homesteads of Virginia, but being able to stop and stay at any of the numerous campgrounds that put you right in the middle of it all.

Virginia offers over fifty National and State parks with woodlands so abundant that your biggest problem will be deciding on which of the great sites you and your family or friends will put down for the night (or longer) in your luxury-size RV.

The words Virginia and historic go together so completely they're practically inseparable in meaning. From Jamestown to Yorktown to Williamsburg to Monticello to Mt Vernon, Virginia IS American history. And the great thing is you can visit all those places in your go-anytime, park-anywhere RV, without the encumbrance of staying wherever motels or hotels might be located. Yeah, and talk about affordability ... that's an RV.

That aroma of bacon wafting through the valley is coming from the kitchen of your own RV rental, just one of the many perks of staying when and where you want, never being tied down to motels. Hey, this looks like a beautiful spot. Let's stay here. The stream right outside your RV's window is actually more than a stream. It's the beautiful Falling Water River that winds its way through the Smokies, ultimately cascading as magnificent Burgess Falls.

The diversity of Virginia's national parks makes the state an RV paradise. Imagine yourself in Shenandoah Nation Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains. What scenery! What a place to escape to!

There you are just outside your rental RV, fishing for brook trout, the songs of birds in the air and the pleasing aroma of nature all around; the nature that can be additionally enjoyed by parking the RV and hiking the famously scenic Appalachian Trail. Ah, yes, and if you're a shutterbug, you're in photographer's heaven.

Virginia is as famous for its people as its places: Washington, Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee and many others. Speaking of General Lee, visit the Appomattox Court House National Historic Park, the place where the Civil War officially came to an end with Lee's surrender. Just park your Virginia RV rental and absorb all the history, including the birthplace of Booker T. Washington.

Then, of course, there are the myriad Virginia state parks, all of which are perfect for your pleasure from the convenience of your RV rental.

Afterwards, go north because no visit to Virginia is complete without a visit to the burial place of our national heroes, Arlington National Cemetery. At that point, you're just a hop and a skip from our nation's capital.

Trying to see and capture in the imagination all that is Virginia - its history, its famous places, its festivals, its national and state parks, the richness of its culture - is difficult, but there's no better way to try than in a stay-anyplace-as-long-as-you-want Virginia RV rental.