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RV Rentals Atlanta – The Way to Explore the Big Peach

If you are looking for RV rentals, the city of Atlanta has two Cruise America locations ready and willing to help you get your Georgia vacation kicked off.

While traveling in or around the state of Georgia in a Cruise America motorhome, there is no better place to start than Atlanta. The bustling city is full of adventures for your family that could keep you occupied for weeks, but there is so much more of the state to see. For instance:

  • Callaway Gardens: Tucked away in the southernmost foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in the town of Pine Mountain, this 13,000 acre garden offers accommodations for your Cruise America RV, as well as nine restaurants and plenty of shopping. Then there is the vast array of beauty provided by Mother Nature. There are endless shows and exhibits to see, and there’s even a 10-mile bike trail to enjoy.
  • Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge: Amicalola is Cherokee word for “tumbling waters,” which is quite apropos for this natural attraction. The 729-feet high waterfalls are the highest falls east of the Mississippi River. This park is the cat’s meow for those who love to hike. The eight-mile hike from the park to Springer Mountain is the southern end of the 2,135-mile Appalachian Trail. What a great place to look at through the windows of your rental motorhome from Cruise America.
  • Your RV rental from Cruise America would look great moving down the highway to the Rock Ranch. This Georgia attraction is a 1,250-acre cattle ranch located about an hour south of Atlanta in Upson County. Rock Ranch specializes in providing “agritainment” for each of the many annual visitors. It is owned by the founder of Chic-fil-A, S. Truett Cathy. He has dedicated the park’s theme to “Growing Healthy Families.” At the park, your family can step out of the RV they’re staying in, and enjoy train rides, zip lines, jumping pillows, cane fishing, paddle boats and horse rides…to name just a few.

The beauty of traveling in a motorhome rental from Cruise America is that you carry your home with you, along with all the comforts it provides. The sleeping accommodations are surprisingly comfortable, and there is room to live in the RV, not just sleep in it.

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No matter what activities you choose to participate in while traveling, the enjoyment will be amplified if you’re staying in a fully equipped recreational vehicle from Cruise America.

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