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RV Rentals in Utah

The Beehive State is one of the prettiest states in the nation. It is a playground of scenery as residents and tourists alike are traveling in Cruise America RV rentals in Utah. In the winter you will find snow blanketed mountains and white pristine valleys, all covered in trees trying to support their own snow-laden weight. Once the snow is gone, the beauty of the colorful spring ushers in the green summer. Whatever the temperatures may be, you can count on gorgeous scenery when you visit this vast land of beauty:

Here are some ideas for your Utah vacation in your Cruise America rental RV:

  • Great Salt Lake – One of the most obvious things to do while in Salt Lake City area is to take your rental motorhome on an excursion to the Great Salt Lake. It is one of the most asked about tourist destinations in Utah. It holds a mystique that many just speculate about. It is a remnant of the huge, ancient Lake Bonneville, which of course now is nothing but salt flats. This huge lake is landlocked, and is extremely salty. It is the largest lake between the Great Lakes and the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. There are many legends about the lake. Native Americans and early settlers thought that the lake housed a huge monster with a giant head. Early explorers speculated that the lake was an extension of the Pacific Ocean, which gives you an idea of just how big this lake is. There are a great number of things to do there, including sunbathing on the white sandy beaches, boating on the salty water, and visiting Antelope Island State Park for manmade fun and natural wildlife spotting. Best of all, there are plenty of places to park your Cruise America motorhome rental.

  • Olympic Oval – Just a few miles from Salt Lake City (about a 25 minute drive) you can visit the Utah Olympic Oval where the 2002 Winter Olympics speed skating and figure skating took place. This is also where the Athlete Training Center stands. One of the favorites at the center is the Water, Fire and Ice festival that takes place in mid August. It’s billed as the biggest pool party in the state, and there is a host of things to do. Kids have a blast in the art shack, ice-skating rink, teens-only zones, live bands, and even fireworks after dark. The venue can also be catered for private events. The road up to the Oval is a beautiful trip that travelers in their Utah RV rentals just seem to love taking!

  • Park City – This quaint little town located in the heart of the Olympic sites is a little wonderland in and of itself. It was founded as a silver mining town in 1869, and soon became a hustling mining town with over 10,000 residents and over a 100 saloons. Park City now looks like something out of a fairy tale. It’s a clean, bustling town full of shops, restaurants, resorts, snow-covered slopes for skiing in the winter, and biking in the summer. There are many world-class events held in Park City, and all it takes is one visit to understand why. The beauty is breathtaking. And should you show up in your Cruise America RV, Park City RV Resort is a great place to stay while you visit.
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For those who love traveling in RV rentals, Utah is a playground of endless possibilities. It would take much more than one article to describe all of the great ways to enjoy this beautiful state. No matter what your traveling party size is, consider dropping by a Cruise America rental location and letting the experts help you to decide if the RV lifestyle is for you. We have a pretty good idea it is!