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RV Rentals San Diego – Plenty of Adventure Inland Too

A hot spot for RV rentals, San Diego offers up a world of exploration fun for Cruise America RVers. Everyone knows about the beautiful beaches of San Diego and the surrounding coastal areas, and there are a host of RV parks to accommodate you in your Cruise America motorhome rental. However, there are also many areas located inland that are worth a motorhome exploration adventure.

Julian, California – Located in the Cuyamaca Mountains, about an hour east of San Diego, lies the birthplace of the Julian Apple. More than just apples, however, it is a historical gold mining town that sprouted up as a result of the gold rush in the 1870s. This quaint, quiet town was once a flurry of activity when Confederate Veterans from the South headed west to claim their fortunes in these gold bearing hills and mountains. The town was named after one of its founders, Mike Julian, who later became the San Diego County Assessor. Once the gold rush was over, the residents began to farm the land, and it was discovered that Julian was a great place to grow apples. They were so crisp, sweet and delicious that people started coming to the town just to enjoy the delicacies created from them, such as cider, pastries and pies. To this day, the rush to enjoy these delectable treats continues. By the way, the mountain setting is a perfect place to park your Cruise America RV while you explore the history and enjoy the activities of the town.

Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area – This incredible desert spans across 85,000 acres and offers up a number of things to do, including camping in your Cruise America rental RV. You can also see:

Blow Sand Hill – This giant adult playground is comprised of sand that has actually been blown uphill by the strong winds that continually add to the size of this ever-popular sand dune.

The Gas Domes – A field of mystifying mud pots, which may remind some of small volcanoes. The gray bubbling water, which continually discharges gas, is cool to the touch.

Pumpkin Patch – This singular area is full of globular shaped sandstone concretions, formed by centuries of erosion caused by wind and water.

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Shell Reef – You can park beneath this four million-year-old reef, where the ground cover is not soil or sand, but small fragments of fossilized oyster shells and pieces of coral. It was once part of an ancient sea during the formation of the far-off mountain ranges.

There is so much landscape to cover in your Cruise America RV in the surrounding area of San Diego, it would be impossible to name them all in one article, and it would be impossible to cover them all in one RV trip. Luckily, there are actually two Cruise America rental centers in San Diego, so let’s cruise, America!