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RV Survival 101: Entertaining Kids on the Road

Traveling with kids can be a special time of learning, exploration, and growing up that no parent would pass up. With the increased availability of the RV rental, traveling with kids has never been more affordable and accessible. RV travel means broadening your child's scope of the small world they are used to just outside their front door. They have the opportunity to find an amazing adventure waiting to happen. On the other hand, entertaining them on the WAY to your planned destination is an entirely different subject! Kids can, and do, become cranky from lack of sleep, staying cooped up in a vehicle too long, and having nothing to do but stare out a window for hours on end. This article will discuss 10 easy ways to keep the kids entertained while on a road trip in your RV rental.

  1. Whether your family is going across the country or travelling one state over, the license plate game will keep your child's attention with a check-off list. Print out a list of all the license plates in the United States, and see how fast they can check them off! If there are more than two siblings, make it a race! If the child is an only child, time them and see how long it takes them to complete the entire list.
  2. Rent an audio book on CD from the library. A child can follow along to their favorite stories without getting car sick or painful headaches from trying to read in a moving car. This works especially well for the little ones who cannot read yet, but know their favorite stories by heart. Silence for any amount of time is golden for mom and dad!
  3. Bring a tray big enough for the kids to color on and let them go wild with crayons. The kids can color on plain pieces of paper, on printed out pictures, or in a giant coloring book of their choice. Giant coloring books and crayons can be found in almost any dollar store!
  4. Have your children make a notebook full of all the special memories along the way to your destination! The kids can use stickers, pictures from a camera, markers, glitter, tickets from attractions they visited, write notes, and other things they found meaningful!
  5. Make sure to bring music suited to your child's age and interests. Bring favorite CD's, MP3 players, iPods, or even tune the radio in to a favorite family-oriented station.
  6. Give your child a cheap disposable camera, or a child-friendly digital camera, and let them document the trip from their perspective; through their own eyes.
  7. Play a verbal question game like "would you rather...," and let your child make up silly questions and even sillier answers!
  8. Make road trip behavior clips! Make a clip that has each child's first initial on it and clip it to the sun visor. If the child fights, whines, hits, or makes a bad decision, take their clip down. The child with their clip still up at each rest stop can get a special reward of the parent's choosing.
  9. Print a road trip scavenger list for your kids to check off! Don't be afraid to get creative with the things your child might see along the way!
  10. Make a snack box for the kids to periodically eat from. Bring healthy snacks like crackers, fruit slices, cheese cubes, veggie sticks, juice, water and more!
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If you make sure your child engaged and feeling like they are part of the planning and execution of your family vacations, keeping them happy and behaved should be a total breeze!

Traveling long distances in an RV rental with the kids can be hard on adults, so keep in mind the short attention spans of your little ones. Most of all�enjoy! Road trips were meant to be fun!