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Small RV Rentals Can Be Advantageous

Small RV rentals are advantageous in many ways, and are available from Cruise America. The term used at Cruise America for a small RV rentals, is "compact RV rental." A compact unit has all of the comforts of a larger unit, but is designed to accommodate only up to 3 people. Here are some of the features of the Cruise America small RV rentals:

  • They come in the form of a class C RV, making it easy to maneuver during your travels. The class C has been found to be so accommodating, that it is the only class of recreational vehicle Cruise America will rent.
  • Only 19 feet long, and only seven and a half wide, allowing for easier highway driving and turning around. It makes it comparable to driving a van or pickup truck rather than an RV.
  • It will comfortably sleep up to 3 people.
  • Includes all of the amenities that the larger RVs contain, including a sink, a stove, a refrigerator and microwave oven.
  • Gets up to 15 miles per gallon, which is nearly 50% better than comparable cab-over models.
  • Has an automatic transmission downshift feature, which allows you to avoid continuously hit the brakes on steep downhill grades.
  • Has recessed bumpers to help avoid tail swing damage.
  • The smaller size and the aerodynamic design helps to maximize the fuel economy.
  • Bathroom faucets, sinks, toilets and showers are residential style upgrades.

These are only a few of the conveniences built into the motorhome rentals offered by Cruise America.

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Besides the small RV rentals, there are also the Standard, Intermediate and Large models. Cruise America RVs will comfortably accommodate various group sizes up to 7 people, and all offer the same convenience amenities.

Small class C RV rentals can be of great value to those traveling, or those who are looking for comfortable living quarters for out-of-town visitors. They may be used as rentable command centers for organizations who simply need a place to re-group.

In order to learn more about Cruise America RVs, visit us on our website or drop by one of our many rental or sales locations.