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Used RV Inventory 1-9 of 9 for Las Vegas, Nevada

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201423A254349126,409PendingHot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectYDLAS
201423A254214122,538$26,985Hot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectY LAS
201423A254227124,082$26,985Hot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectY LAS
201423A254299123,937$26,985Hot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectY LAS
201423A254246118,291PendingHot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectYDLAS
201423A254384119,580$27,485Hot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectY LAS
201428A303382113,035$32,985Hot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectY LAS
201428A304018111,973$32,985Hot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectY LAS
201423A25438597,513$33,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS

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551 N. Gibson Road
Henderson, Nevada, 89011

They say, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." At Cruise America, we couldn't disagree more! We know that RV sales in Nevada are at an all time high, and we are quite certain that the recreational vehicles that are purchased from our Cruise America sales center in Las Vegas do not stay there. They are meant to travel, and we're sure that's what they do!

Most everyone who vacations regularly has heard of Cruise America, but most of them think that all we do is rent RVs. Few are the travelers who haven't seen our iconic class C motorhomes, emblazoned with beautiful scenes of camping destinations, sporting events or camping sites, rolling down the highway or parked in a campsite. So yes, we do rent RVs; as a matter of fact, we are the number one RV rental company in the nation. However, we are the number one source for great deals on used RV sales as well.

Cruise America continually rotates their fleet of top quality motorhomes by selling some of our used units to make room for new ones. This assures that no motorhome in our fleet grows old. This also assures that the RVs that we sell are still in tip-top shape with several years of great service left in them. In fact, Cruise America is so confident in the condition of our units for sale, that we include a 12-month/12,000-mile powertrain warranty at no additional charge. Also, every unit we sell qualifies for an optional extended service plan. That says a lot about the condition of the motorhomes we offer.

When we decide to sell one of our units, our team of skilled RV technicians goes to work, renovating it. We make any repairs or adjustments that may be needed on the outside, the inside and under the hood in order to bring it up to its "like new" condition. This is actually an easy process, because throughout the rental life of the RV, we maintain it in a meticulous fashion, seeing to it that each time it's rented, it is cleaned, sanitized and in top performing condition. It's safe to say that there are no RVs in the world that are better maintained that the rental RVs from Cruise America.

Once the RV is completely renovated and ready to sell, we place it on our website, indicating at which of our sales centers it can be purchased. Not only do our customers get a high-quality motorhome in immaculate condition, they get prices that cannot be found anywhere else, saving them thousands of dollars. The reason we can sell these RVs at such a low price, is because they served their financial purpose while they were being rented. This eliminates the need for us to make a profit on them; we'd rather pass the savings on to you, the customer. The transition for an RV to go from a rental unit to a sales unit is an easy, seamless process.

Anyone who hasn't experienced the relaxing, carefree RV lifestyle, is in for a wonderful awakening the first time they travel in a motorhome. People quickly realize just how stress relieving this form of travel is. Here are a few advantages to taking your next trip in your own recreational vehicle:

*There are no schedules to follow but your own. When you're ready to travel, just pack up your supplies and hit the road.

*You needn't spend money on expensive airline tickets, dealing with airport security lines, and being disappointed by cancelled or delayed flights.

*No trying to pack everything you need into a couple of suitcases. Your RV has ample room for anything you want to bring … including a barbeque grill and bikes.

*No renting a car … you take your transportation with you.

*No trying to find a hotel with vacancies near your destination point, and better yet, no check in and checkout times. And no having to rent multiple rooms to accommodate your entire family.

*You have a kitchen with you at all times, so you don't have to eat in expensive restaurants for every meal … only when you choose to.

*The kids are no longer restless, asking "are we there yet?" They can actually sprawl out in comfort, playing video games or admiring the generous window views of scenery that you'd never get from an airplane.

*No more using dirty restrooms along the route. Your restroom goes everywhere you go, as does your shower.

*There are spacious, comfortable sleeping accommodations for everyone in your party.

By the way, if you choose to rent an RV before making a purchase, that's great. As a matter of fact, we encourage that, and Cruise America will reimburse you up to $3,000 of your time and mileage rental charges should you decide to purchase an RV from us, and you have up to six months to take advantage of this great offer. All you need to do is show a copy of your rental agreement to the sales consultant at the time of purchase, and you're on your way.

There are advantages to purchasing a used RV over a brand new one. For instance, the minute you drive a new RV off of the lot, the value decreases substantially. It only takes a minute for a coach to go from brand new, to used. In addition, you pay a great deal more for insurance on a new unit than you do a used one. Also, when you purchase a new RV, you spend a great number of hours in the shop as the "new RV bugs" are worked out; it's a frustrating and time-consuming process. When you buy an RV from Cruise America, the bugs are all worked out, and it's ready to hit the open road the minute you drive it away from our sales center.

Those who purchase from our Cruise America RV sales center in Las Vegas enjoy the quality of our professionally maintained vehicles, low prices and included limited warranty. Visit our Las Vegas, Nevada RV sales center today and save a bundle of money and enjoy all that the Southwest has to offer.