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    198 Boulevard Cure LaBelle
    Sainte-Rose, Quebec, H7L3A1

    Patrick Thomas

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    Patrick Thomas

    Mon- Fri: 9am-4pm; Sat. 9am - 2pm

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Finding RV sales in Quebec certainly isn't difficult. But finding the kind of deals offered by Cruise Canada on top quality, used RVs isn't quite so easy, unless you go straight to our Cruise Canada sales center in Montreal. Our inventory includes several late-model, refurbished motorhomes, all professionally maintained and inspected for the highest quality.

Most Canadians know that Cruise Canada rents RVs. One has only but to travel down a major highway, or camp in a popular campsite to see one of our recognizable, iconic motorhomes. They are emblazoned across the exterior with various scenes of wilderness, sporting events or camping sites. But in addition to being the largest and best supplier of rental RVs, we offer top quality used RVs at deals like you'll find nowhere else.

When Cruise Canada purchases new RVs, we need to make room in the fleet, so we sell some of our rental units. These units for sale are not inferior in any way; to the contrary. Our used motorhomes have been pampered and cared for from the day we bought them. That's because each time a rental unit is returned to the shop, our staff of RV technicians goes over it carefully to make sure that there is no damage on the exterior, the interior and under the hood. We then clean and sanitize the unit and make sure that the exterior is washed and polished. Once it is back to "like new" condition, it's ready to rent again. When we decide it's time to sell a unit, it goes through a similar procedure; only it is completely renovated and brought back to its original finish. We assure that it's worthy to be sold to one of our lucky customers.

The price of our used motorhomes is incredibly low, saving the shopper thousands of dollars over what they could ever find elsewhere. We can do this because the motorhomes we sell have already done their financial duty for us during their rental lives. Rather than mark the price up to give us a profit, we keep the price to a minimum so that we can pass the savings on to you, the customer. Not only is the price lower than anyone else would sell it for, but you have the peace of mind knowing that the unit has been meticulously maintained throughout its existence. We are so confident in the condition of the RVs we sell, that we include a 12-month/12,000-mile powertrain warranty at no additional charge. In addition, every unit we sell qualifies for an optional extended service plan.

There are those who have never traveled in an RV before. Maybe you are one of them, and would like to rent one first to see how you like the lifestyle. Well that's a good idea, and we actually encourage that. If you rent one of our RVs and decide you want to buy one of your own, we will reimburse you up to $3,000 of your time and mileage fees towards the purchase of one of our quality used models.

Once you have experienced a trip in an RV, you will not want to travel any other way. That's because you learn what it's like to follow only one schedule; and that's yours. There are no airline hassles, security lines, cancelled or delayed flights or charges for an extra suitcase. With an RV of your own, there is plenty of room to store as many suitcases as a person would ever need.

When you get to your destination, you needn't rent a car, because you're already driving one. The class C models that we offer are so comfortable, it will feel like you are driving the family vehicle. It's easy to maneuver amongst traffic, parking lots and camping spaces. If you really want to, you can tow an additional vehicle behind you. All of our sales RVs are equipped with a receiver hitch, which is rated to tow up to 3,500 pounds. If needed, they can be upgraded to tow up to 5,000 pounds.

Another convenience of motorhome travel is the fact that you don't have to locate hotels with vacancies somewhere near your destination. And most families require more than one room, which can get very costly. The check-in times are never convenient, and the checkout times are even worse, especially if you have had a long night. When you travel in an RV, there are no check-in times … you're always checked in. And as far as checking out, that doesn't happen either; you sleep in until your heart's content!

You know how when you travel with kids, they are fidgety, claustrophobic and anxious, and all you here is, "are we there yet?" When you travel in an RV, you are relieved of that anxiety. The kids have plenty of room to relax as they gaze out the window, play video games or enjoy some of the snacks you most likely have stored in the refrigerator. They no longer really care when you get there! Oh, and as far as potty breaks go, you no longer have to use the dirty restrooms you find in so many gas stations … you have your own, clean restroom.

One of the big expenses when a family travels in the conventional way is the "feeding of the herd." Not only do you have to find a restaurant that will please the palates of all, but you have to pay a great deal to fill them up. When you purchase an RV from Cruise Canada, you'll have your own kitchen, with all the necessities to fix great meals. Or, you can light up the barbeque grill and cook outdoors. The point is, you have your option; you're not forced to eat in restaurants for every meal.

Save thousands on a quality motorhome when you purchase from Cruise Canada. With 30+ years of experience, we have helped thousands of satisfied customers find a top-quality RV at a sensational price. View our inventory today and save.