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RV Sales Are On The Rise

RV sales are on the rise in our country, and one might be safe to assume that it is a combination of factors that is causing this increase.  Included in these reasons are:

  • RV travel has proven to be the most efficient way to travel
  • More and more people are starting to realize the comfort and convenience factor
  • Rough economy is keeping more folks in their own state (staycationing)

RV sales have risen to an all time high, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association.  One of the reasons for the drastic increase of RV sales is because people are realizing that traveling in a recreational vehicle is the most efficient and comfortable way to vacation.

PKF Consulting, an internationally known firm that specializes in researching the travel and tourism industry, found that RV sales are up because owners get much more for the dollar while traveling via motorhome.  They found that the typical RV vacations are on an average 26 to 74 percent less expensive than other conventional means of vacationing, such as family vehicle, commercial airline or cruise ship.  These findings were even after factoring in high fuel costs and RV ownership.

PKF studied the cost that would be incurred by families taking nine different types of vacations to popular destinations like the Grand Canyon; Orlando, FLA; Cape Cod; Napa, CA and Alaska.  In each case, a family traveling in a class C motorhome saved the most money, regardless of how long the trip was or how far they’d traveled to get there.

Studies by PKF also revealed that a family traveling in a personal vehicle which, save an RV, is the next least expensive way to travel, spent thirty six percent more than they would have had they traveled in a motorhome.

Another reason that people are better off traveling by RV is the comfort factor.  There are a myriad of things to do for the kids as they travel, including watching movies, snacking, napping in bed or just enjoying the ride as they stretch out and take in the scenery.  Restroom stops and snack runs are no longer necessary, making the trip go quicker as well.

If you are not one of the seven million families that own RVs in our country, Cruise America makes it possible to easily become one.  If purchasing an RV is not of interest to you yet, you may rent one from them.  Once you discover the beauty of RVing, Cruise America will help set you up with the coach that fits your needs.  They have rental locations virtually all over the U.S. and Canada, and there are thirteen sales locations as well.  With Cruise America, a family can travel in first class style and comfort all the time.

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Another huge convenience factor with traveling in a Cruise America RV (whether rented or purchased) is that there is no longer a need to search out hotels and, as is the case for most families, renting multiple rooms.  When you are piloting your living quarters, the world is your hotel.

Due to a failing economy, there are more and more families who are turning to their own backyard, making the term “Staycationing” more and more popular.  Families are finding that there is a world of things to see and do right within their own states, and that they can be easily accessed in an RV purchased or rented from Cruise America.

If you have not experienced the world of RV travel yet, go online to Cruise America’s website and check out the wonderful rental and purchase opportunities, or visit one of their many RV sales or RV rental locations and discover a whole new and affordable way to travel.