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Class C RV Sales at Cruise America

Class C RV sales are the only sales you will find at Cruise America. That is because the only motorhomes we rent are the class C style, and when we get our new inventory, we recondition and sell the rentals. Here are a few reasons why Cruise America only offers class C RV sales and rentals:

  • The class C is much easier to drive. It is more like driving a family full sized van than a large, bulky RV.

  • While there is not as much room in the class C RV as in the class A, there are no luxuries sacrificed. The overhead sleeping area above the cab is a great space saver.

  • The class C is much safer than the larger bus-like class A. More visibility and a lower profile makes it easier to see the vehicles around you.

  • Better maneuverability in windy conditions. Because of the its low profile design, the class C is better handled in the wind. You handle the RV, the wind does not handle you.

At Cruise America class C RV sales and rentals, we offer the traveler the choice of different sizes of motorhomes.

The Compact model (V-8 chassis engine) is 19' long, and sleeps up to 3 people comfortably.

The Standard model (V-8 chassis engine) is 23' to 25' long, and sleeps a family or group up to five.

The Intermediate model (V-10 chassis engine) is 28.4' long and sleeps a family up to six.

The Large model (V-10 chassis engine) comfortably sleeps a family or group up to 7.

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While they are all class C RVs, they come in different sizes to meet the needs of your traveling family or group. No matter what the size, all of the Cruise America RVs come with the same amenities, such as a kitchen, complete with sink and refrigerator, a shower, an air conditioner and a hot water heater.

Visit your nearest Cruise America location, or click on their website to see their extensive inventory of class C RV sales and rentals.