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Used Motorhomes For Sale

Motorhomes for sale can be found in every state and in every town, and practically on every block. It's not because people want to leave the motorhome lifestyle behind, it is because they want to upgrade, downsize or change models of the RV they currently drive. This presents the opportunity to get a wide selection of used motorhomes when looking to purchase. Be aware, however, of some of the caveats involved when you purchase RV from a private owner:

  • If you have a certain motorhome style in mind, it may be difficult to find on a street corner or in an ad.

  • When purchasing from a private party, you have no idea of the service history or problems experienced.

  • Looks can be deceiving. Just because it looks good on the outside, there is no guarantee of what is going on with the internal side of the vehicle.

  • It is difficult to know the condition of the house. Water leaks, delaminating and the roof condition and integrity are serious issues.

  • If you purchase a motorhome from a private party, it requires research for information (when available) on the history of the RV.

  • A private party issues no warranty or guarantee. The deal is completed and the sellers are out of the picture once you hand them the check.

When purchasing used motorhomes from private parties, whether from the Internet, out of the newspaper, or off the street corner, it is difficult to research these concerns. However, there is a way to glean the advantages of purchasing a used motorhome without the concerns of being deceived.

Cruise America sells their used, reconditioned class C motorhomes as their new inventory arrives. These RVs have been serviced regularly and meticulously maintained. Each of their motorhomes for sale comes with a limited warranty and an optional powertrain protection. Cruise America knows if there are any issues with the unit, and they correct them as they occur, assuring that the future owner will be getting an RV that they can depend on; a motorhome that will guarantee them years of enjoyment and safe traveling.

Cruise America wants to accommodate their customers in any way they can, and they go to great lengths to do so. No matter where you live in the country, Cruise America will fly you to their location, and they will pay for the trip if you purchase a an RV from them. It's called their Fly and Buy program.

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There are a lot of risks when purchasing a used RV from a party that has no reputation, one way or the other. Cruise America takes all the risks out of the purchase, and because they deal in such high volume, they can keep their prices extremely affordable.

When you see the selection of used motorhomes for sale at Cruise America, you will be glad you discovered them. Just the knowledge that you are getting a high quality and well-maintained RV, and knowing that Cruise America stands behind their sales, should give you the comfort you could not find elsewhere when shopping for used motorhomes.