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  • Sales Center:
    11 W. Hampton Avenue
    Mesa, Arizona, 85210

    Robert Lyter

    Sales Pro:
    Dave Jones ext. 7309 Wayne Klein ext. 7325

    Mon-Sat.: 9am- 5pm

Used RV Inventory 1-25 of 55 for Phoenix (Mesa), Arizona

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
200828A301634161,958PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200823A252751145,192PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200828A300943151,539PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200823A252508134,241PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200823A252758138,903$19,495Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectY PHX
200823A252784131,143$19,495Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYCPHX
200823A252444137,299$19,495Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYCPHX
200823A252763141,348$19,995Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYCPHX
200823A252688123,395PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200823A252767124,451PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200823A252724124,178$20,495Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectY PHX
200823A252524125,531$20,495Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectY PHX
200823A252766126,691$20,495Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectY PHX
200823A252725125,693$20,495Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectY PHX
200828A300958139,162PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200828A301553142,423PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200828A301577136,453PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200828A301604139,409PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200828A301598132,553$21,485Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectY PHX
200828A301537134,476$21,485Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectY PHX
200828A300949130,872PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200828A300939133,868$21,485Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectY PHX
200828A301507161,863PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200823A252653116,363PendingHot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectYDPHX
200823A252700119,801$21,495Hot Deal IconPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectY PHX

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Shopping for Phoenix RV Dealer? Cruise America is it! You can enjoy great pricing and incentives from our Cruise America RV dealer in Phoenix. Choose from dozens of inexpensive, late model motor homes for sale in Phoenix with Cruise America. Owning an RV in Phoenix can help you escape the Arizona heat, and Cruise America can help you own affordably. With over 250 RVs for sale at this location, you can't go wrong!

Renting an RV is a great way to travel. The only thing better is to own your own RV, and Cruise America makes that possible. Because we routinely update our inventory of late-model Arizona motorhomes, our Mesa, AZ RV sales center is a hub of activity. We have some incredible deals available there, and our experienced motorhome sales professionals are ready to help you pick out the one that will best suit your needs.

Cruise America's many years of operation has resulted in a sales team with a great deal of experience and knowledge regarding the motorhome industry, and how to match you with just the right recreational vehicle. They will question your intent, as far as where you will be traveling, how often and how you intend on using it. They can find the right coach that will fit nicely into your budget as well, so it never becomes a stressful situation for you, utilizing their hassle free RV finance program. Not near Phoenix but see an RV you like? Check out our RV Fly and Buy program!

11 W. Hampton Avenue
Mesa, Arizona, 85210