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  • Sales Center:
    2233 E. 223rd Street
    Carson, California, 90810

    Farhad Tabib

    Sales Pro:
    Frank Duarte (Se Habla Espanol)

    Mon- Sat: 9am- 5pm

Used RV Inventory 1-24 of 24 for Los Angeles (Carson), California

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
200823A252699147,961PendingHot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectYDLAX
200823A252654133,304$19,495Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectYCLAX
200828A301620127,502$21,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A252903164,212$27,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A252894155,962$28,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A252839153,588$28,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A252850154,167$28,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A252826152,348$28,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A253056157,957$28,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A252800141,871$29,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A252887142,486$29,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A252898144,177$29,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200928A301720154,507$31,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200928A301755150,652$31,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200928A301696147,653$32,485Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A253005135,563$32,485Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200928A301710149,553$32,485Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A253041112,756$32,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A253036114,359$32,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200928A301734128,854$33,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200928A301738130,444$34,485Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200928A301721117,836$35,485Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
200923A25286186,215$35,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201023AR2501081,333$37,995Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX

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Looking to purchase an RV? Choose Cruise America`s greater Los Angeles RV sales center. Here you`ll find a great selection of late model motor homes at great prices. Why buy new? At Cruise America you and your family can save thousands by purchasing a professionally maintained, refurbished used vehicle from our reputable RV dealer in Carson, California. View our Los Angeles motor home inventory today and be on your way to enjoying time on the road with friends and family.

2233 E. 223rd Street
Carson, California, 90810