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    2233 E. 223rd Street
    Carson, California, 90810

    Farhad Tabib

    Sales Pro:
    Frank Duarte (Se Habla Espanol)

    Mon- Sat: 9am- 5pm

Used RV Inventory 1-25 of 28 for Los Angeles (Carson), California

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
200923A252858152,470$20,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A252824149,897$21,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A252831145,491$21,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A252823144,554$21,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191068148,589$25,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191241149,938$25,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191246145,099$25,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191050150,650PendingHot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectYDLAX
201019G191193143,493$26,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191236137,450$26,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191201132,098$27,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191097143,394$31,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191048137,195$32,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191124137,495$32,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191010130,302$32,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191224131,356$32,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191134132,988$32,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191030130,937$32,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191019132,788$32,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191034132,119$32,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191148126,084$33,485Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191185126,471$33,485Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191039124,273$33,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191018123,806$33,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX
201019G191086124,965$33,985Los Angeles (Carson), CASelect  LAX

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It seems as though the number of things to see and explore in the area of Southern California is virtually limitless. That may explain why there are so many Los Angeles RV sales. When it comes to buying a recreational vehicle, there are a myriad of options to choose from. However, if you'd like, we can save you the time and effort of trying to decide where to go shopping. We will tell you right now that the best place to go for the best deal on a used RV is Cruise America. We have more than 120 rental centers. Twelve of those have been designated as sales locations, and in Southern California our sales center is located in nearby Carson.
Most people know us as the number one RV rental company in the nation. They aren't even aware that we sell RVs, too. Each time we purchase new units to add to our rental fleet, we must make room for them by selling some of our units currently being rented. The good news for Southern Californians is that we have a sales center right in Carson, near Los Angeles. The better news is that every unit that we sell is a late model, top-notch used RV that we have maintained since we took delivery on it from the factory. There are no RVs that are better cared for than those in our rental fleet. Each time one comes back from being rented, we go over it meticulously to make sure that there is no damage, wear or tear. If there is, it's repaired right away before we will rent it out again. With maintenance like this, these used RVs are in pristine condition.

When we place a Cruise America class C RV up for sale, our team of motorhome technicians goes over it, refurbishing and restoring it back to its like-new condition. We want to make sure that each customer that purchases one of these rugged used RVs is completely happy; not only with the great coach they bought, but the price they bought it for. Because each of our RVs for sale was a rental at one time, it paid for itself throughout its rental life. For this reason, we don't feel obligated to make a profit on the sale. Instead, we pass the savings onto our customers, who we dearly appreciate.

In addition, when you purchase an RV from anyone else, you don't know what kind of history it has. By purchasing one of our refurbished units, you can rest assured that it was very well cared for. We are confident enough in the quality of our used units to include a 12-month/12,000-mile powertrain warranty at no additional charge. In addition, every coach is eligible for an optional extended service plan.

Come by and take a look at our Los Angeles motorhome inventory today, or visit us online. We'll get you on your way to enjoying time on the road with friends and family.

2233 E. 223rd Street
Carson, California, 90810