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Used RV Inventory 1-25 of 52 for Los Angeles (Carson), California

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
200823A252654133,304$19,495Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200823A252738129,995$20,495Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A252903169,500$22,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200828A301610133,482$22,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A252893150,398$23,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A252826154,011$23,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A252887143,582$24,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A253005136,859$25,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191192162,411$25,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191076158,510$25,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191031154,880$26,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200928A301720156,761$26,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200928A301710150,877$26,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200928A301755152,537$26,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200928A301688151,450$26,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191049149,313$26,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191050143,347$27,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200928A301753147,321$27,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200928A301696150,451$27,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A253041117,010$27,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191247142,464$27,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191193137,571$27,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191168138,114$27,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
201019G191066138,218$27,985Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX
200923A252863108,449$28,485Hot Deal IconLos Angeles (Carson), CASelectY LAX

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There are few states in our nation that offer more things to see and do than the Golden State. That's probably why there are so many RV sales in California. And when it comes to purchasing an RV, you have a whole lot of options to choose from. When you do buy an RV, the best choice you can make is to visit Cruise America and select one of our top-notch, well maintained used class C RVs.

It may come as a surprise to Californians that we sell motorhomes. Most are familiar with our RV rentals, which we are best known for, but as new inventory comes in, we must make room for it by selling some of our used motorhomes. We have more than 120 rental centers, and 12 of those locations also serve as sales locations. In California, our sales center is located in Carson, right here in the Los Angeles area.

When we place one of our used RVs for sale, we go through a routine to make sure that it's in "like new" condition. We want to be sure that every customer who drives off in a newly purchased RV is completely happy with the decision they have made. When a unit is designated to be sold, our technicians go over it inch by inch, making sure that there is nothing that would be unsatisfactory to the buyer. Because we are so meticulous about maintaining the units while we are renting them, the coach is easy to recondition. Our rental RVs stay in tip-top condition through our vigorous maintenance program. All of the service records will indicate that each motorhome from Cruise America is well maintained and always ready for the road.

By purchasing one of our used, reconditioned RVs, you will save a great deal of money, as no other dealer can offer the prices we do. In addition, with other dealers or private parties, you have no way of knowing how the RV was driven and maintained. With Cruise America, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the RV you are purchasing received a great deal of TLC throughout its rental life.

Another advantage of buying a used RV is that there are no bugs to work out. A brand new RV usually spends a great deal of time in the shop for the first year of ownership, as it gets the "bugs" worked out. Insurance is also much higher on a brand new coach than it would be on a used unit. As a matter of fact, aside from the "new car smell," there isn't much advantage to owning a brand new RV, and there are all kinds of advantages to owning a used one!

Once you've selected an RV to purchase from Cruise America, it's time to hit the road, and where is a better place to start than right here in L.A.? You can live it up in the City of Angels, where things are happening 24/7. Head to Burbank and visit the Universal Studios City Walk and Theme Park. Visit the world-famous Griffith Observatory and learn more about our cosmos. Take a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and take in the grandeur of Grauman's Chinese Theater, or stop at the sidewalk-embedded star of your favorite celebrity on the Walk of Fame. Experience the wild nightlife of West Hollywood, or venture into Studio City to see how many movie stars you can spot. Take in a Friday night movie on the Fairbanks Lawn at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Drive down Sunset Boulevard and end up in Malibu, where you can get a taste of how the wealthy exist. Take a stroll along the beach and take in the fresh sea breeze. Explore the Santa Monica Pier, or shop 'til you drop at the 3rd Street Promenade. Take your family to Disneyland, the "Happiest Place on Earth." Visit SeaWorld San Diego or spend time at LEGOLAND. There are several great RV parks along the coast, so finding a place to station your motorhome for the night is never a problem.

One of the best experiences known to mankind is to drive your motorhome down the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping in each little town you come to. Each area has something special to offer, if nothing more than warm sand and a great view of the Pacific Ocean. Watch the sunset from the beach, and see if you can spot the famous "green flash" as the sun sets over the watery horizon. From San Diego to Crescent City, and everything in between, there is a host of oceanic wonder in store for the RV traveler.

While being by the sea is one of the greatest charms of California, there is also a world of exploration more inland that will surely please your traveling palate. The Inland Empire, as it's affectionately known, offers a wide variety of intriguing cities and small towns. There are low-lying regions of communities, both mountainous and urban sprawl. Head to Top of the Notch Restaurant in Mt. Baldy for some amazing panoramic views. Stay in one of the many Idyllwild RV parks, or visit Oak Glen for some delicious apple pie and cider. Join in on the vast number of outdoor activities available in Big Bear, where you'll find fishing, boating, snow skiing, camping, hiking and more.

Why buy new? At Cruise America you and your family can save thousands by purchasing a professionally maintained, refurbished used vehicle from our reputable RV dealer in Carson, California. View our Los Angeles motorhome inventory today and be on your way to enjoying time on the road with friends and family.

2233 E. 223rd Street
Carson, California, 90810