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    551 N. Gibson Road
    Henderson, Nevada, 89011

    Devin Whittle

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    Greg Garrison

    Mon- Sat: 9:00am- 5pm

Used RV Inventory 1-25 of 28 for Las Vegas, Nevada

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
200823A252650134,656$19,495Hot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectY LAS
200823A252516129,294PendingHot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectYDLAS
200823A252785112,812PendingHot Deal IconLas Vegas (Henderson), NVSelectYDLAS
200923A252830156,494$28,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A253048154,277$28,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252814157,616$28,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A253018155,761$28,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252857151,037$28,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252840154,927$28,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252843153,228$28,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252877142,181$29,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A253040146,795$29,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252873142,851$29,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A253021140,546$30,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A253004138,318$30,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252855141,767$30,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252806133,162$30,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A253003140,674$30,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252890135,700$30,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200928A301756157,483$31,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200928A301706154,817$31,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252849126,776$32,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A252924129,623$32,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A253059124,277$32,485Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS
200923A253032109,661$32,985Las Vegas (Henderson), NVSelect  LAS

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Not only is Las Vegas an ideal vacation destination but locals enjoy traveling to many other places in the Southwestern United States. The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Palm Springs, the Pacific Ocean and several amusement parks and vacation hot spots are only hours away. See your Cruise America RV dealer in Las Vegas today and enjoy spectacular savings on late model RVs. Those who purchase from Cruise America RV sales centers in Las Vegas enjoy the quality of our professionally maintained vehicles, low prices and included limited warranty. Visit our Las Vegas, Nevada RV sales center today and enjoy all the Southwest has to offer.

551 N. Gibson Road
Henderson, Nevada, 89011