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200828A300952163,655PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A300993159,262PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A301595163,108PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A300918150,342PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200823A252489137,529PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200823A252474137,774PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200823A252753139,138PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200823A252529138,780PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200823A252468138,064PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A301593149,635$19,985Hot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYCORL
200828A301519155,728PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A301535136,277PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A300910136,361PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A300982142,092$21,485Hot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectY ORL
200828A301578142,663$21,485Hot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectY ORL
200828A300919141,742$21,485Hot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYCORL
200828A300986144,625$21,485Hot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectY ORL
200828A301530131,649PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A301637141,568$21,485Hot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectY ORL
200823A252511113,923PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200823A252681111,487PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A300930138,430$21,985Hot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectY ORL
200828A300936136,281PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
200828A301539138,288$21,985Hot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectY ORL
200828A301603137,418$21,985Hot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectY ORL

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There are several places that you can find RV sales in California, so anyone in the market for a used RV will have no problem finding one. A buyer must determine though, where the best place to buy it would be. Cruise America would tell you that the best place for San Franciscans to buy an RV is right here at the San Francisco Cruise America RV sales location.

Most everyone knows that Cruise America rents recreational vehicles, because that is what we are known for. Anyone who does much traveling has most likely seen one of our iconic motorhomes rolling down the highway, or parked in a campground at one time or another. You can't help but notice the distinct design on the exterior of our units, portraying scenes of the countryside or special places and events. But what many do not know is that Cruise America is where RV shoppers can find the best deal on a high quality, used class C RV.

At Cruise America, our entire rental fleet is rotating, meaning that as we purchase new units to add to our inventory, we sell off some of our used ones to make room for them. There is nothing wrong with the ones we are selling; they are late model, highly rugged RVs that are manufactured by Four Winds to meet our rigid standards. We have features built in that make the units more durable, and easier to drive so that our customers have a pleasant experience, and our units come back unscathed. However, that does not stop our team of talented RV technicians from going over the RV after each rental to make sure that it's in tip-top condition for the next renter.

When we decide that it's time to sell one of our motorhomes, our RV techs perform a renovation to bring it back to it's like-new condition on the exterior, the interior and under the hood. We make sure that it's in pristine condition so that whomever buys it is completely happy. We might mention that because we place a unit into our sales division, it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with it … to the contrary. We wouldn't sell it to a customer if it didn't have years of great camping left. As a matter of fact, we even include our exclusive 12-month/12,000-mile limited powertrain warranty with every purchase, as well as an optional extended service plan. That gives you an idea of just how confident we are about the condition of the units we sell. We not only guarantee their performance, we back it with protection.

There are three sizes to choose from when you purchase a Cruise America RV. Our larger units will comfortably accommodate up to seven travelers, with comfortable sleeping quarters for everyone. Our units also all come with complete kitchens, saving you the necessity of having to eat out for every meal. You can even take along your barbeque grill if you'd rather cook outside. That's because there is ample cargo space to carry just about anything you'd like to bring, from bikes to camping supplies to however much luggage you feel you need.

A few of the advantages to purchasing a class C motorhome from Cruise America are:

Huge Savings: Each unit that we place for sale has served its financial purpose during its rental cycle. We are not selling it to make a profit. Instead, we pass the huge savings on to our customers, saving them several thousands of dollars over any deals they may find elsewhere.

Peace of Mind: When you buy a motorhome from another dealer, or a private party, you have no idea of how it was treated and maintained, or if it sustained any serious damage while in the possession of the previous owners. With Cruise America, you know that every unit is meticulously maintained, and that it is kept clean and sanitized throughout its rental life.

Savings on Insurance: When you buy a used RV, the insurance is substantially less than it would be if you were to purchase a brand new motorhome.

No Depreciation: When you buy a new RV, it depreciates by up to a third of the value the minute you drive it off the lot. In a matter of seconds, it goes from new to used.

No "Bug" Elimination: A new RV is in the shop a great deal of time in the first year of ownership while the new RV bugs are worked out. With a Cruise America unit, all the bugs have long since been eliminated, and you're ready to hit the road the minute you drive it off the lot.

There are many advantages to traveling in a motorhome, and anyone who has experienced this comfortable, convenient form of travel knows just how relaxing it can be. However, if you don't know for sure that the RV lifestyle will be a good match for you, you're more than welcome to rent one of our motorhomes to give it a try. If you do decide to buy one of our used units, we will refund up to $3000 of your time and mileage fees towards the purchase of your own Cruise America RV.

There's something liberating about not having to stay in a hotel, adhering to their stringent check in and check out schedules, and renting multiple rooms to accommodate your family. Finding hotel rooms that are affordable, near your destination (and vacant) can be a real challenge. When you travel in a motorhome, you carry your room with you. There are no time requirements of how long you can sleep in, and you don't have to unload your luggage every time you stop.

One of the great things about class C RVs is that they are very easy to drive. Many feel as though it's as easy as driving the family vehicle. Navigating through heavy traffic, in congested parking lots, or backing into campsites is much easier with a class C model.

There are a multitude of things to see and do in the San Francisco area, along the west coast and all throughout the Golden State. Anyone who has traveled in a motorhome knows that there is no better way to do it than from the comfort of your own recreational vehicle.

5623 John Muir Drive
Newark, California, 94560