Cruise America Opens New International Location in March

BAY SHORE, N.Y. (March 1, 2019) - Cruise America, the nation’s largest RV rental firm, is excited to announce its new location at BBQ World in Bay Shore – Long Island N.Y. The RV rentals company’s new location is set to begin International Operations in February 2019.

Cruise America chose to partner with BBQ World due to its shared customer-oriented outdoor interests. BBQ World, a Long Island based company, creates a bridge for international travel amongst Cruise America customers. It has been in the propane business for 29 years and has been taking care of customers’ BBQ's and RV propane needs seven days a week year-round. 

“We always listen to our customers and try to help or guide them into solutions,” said, Paul Spina, principal of Barbeque World. “We have heard stories over the years about friends and family wanting to take road trips with their loved ones but were unable to do so due to not having or wanting to take care of an RV on their own.”

This new location will establish an international focus as well as making road trips relaxing and fun. Everything will cater to customer needs. There will even be a service where they can order groceries to be stocked in their refrigerator upon arrival to their RV. 

“BBQ World has always helped campers with their propane concerns and along the way have formed lasting friendships over the years making them a perfect fit for Cruise America,” Cruise America Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Development Randall Smalley said.

An internationally recognized brand, Cruise America has more than 130 locations the U.S. and Canada that offer top-of-the-line rental RVs. For more information about Cruise America and rental options, visit or call (800) 671-8042. To learn more about Barbeque World visit

“Our goal is to have your adventure begin and end uninterrupted and be stress free,” Spina said. “If you come home as happy as you leave, you have had a good vacation.”

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