50 Years and Counting

As a privately held, employee-owned company, Cruise America's dedicated and experienced team has been creating RV vacation memories for families from across the globe for more than 50 years.

Whether you're an RV veteran or planning an RV vacation for the first time, we can help. Ready to get started?

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The stress-free convenience of vacationing with your room on your back allows families and friends to travel comfortably and in style while allowing time for a great opportunity to grow closer as you travel to and from your destination. With Cruise America, the journey is a rich part of the reward.

At Cruise America, you can rent various sizes of Cruise America class C motorhomes to discover what best suits your needs or likes. Once you have decided, you can keep renting them. If you're looking for a used RV for sale, you can purchase one of our well-maintained, pre-loved RVs at a substantially lower price than other used RV dealers.

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