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From Las Vegas to Dallas, RV Parks Offer Easy, Affordable Lodging

From Las Vegas to Dallas, RV Parks Offer Easy, Affordable Lodging

From no-frills overnighters to first-class resorts, today's RV parks offer more options than ever for the road-weary traveler. Whether your goal is to save money, make new friends or simply sit back and enjoy the sights, RV parks are the way to go. And with all the information available online, RV parks are easy to find. Web site directories and reviews offer endless tips on where to stay - and where to avoid - near all of America's greatest destinations.

With a Cruise America RV rental - or even your own motorhome from one of our nationwide RV sales centers - RV parks in Las Vegas and other popular tourist towns are a great way to enjoy the thrills on a budget. Or if a slower pace is more your style, you'll find countless RV parks near scenic lakes, national parks and other attractions. But before you reserve a spot, read our tips below for a great RV park stay.

  • Prioritize your amenities. If you're just looking for the basics, don't pay for the extra bells and whistles of an RV resort. However, do make sure even a barebones RV park offers hookups and dump stations. Otherwise, you're probably better off roughing it in a state park or simple campground. At the same time, if you're craving a dip in a crystal-clear pool or a leisurely soak in a hot tub, it's usually worth it to find an RV park that offers those little extras. While it costs a little more, it's still a lot less than comparable hotel amenities.
  • Check locations carefully. This is especially important when you make your reservations sight-unseen online. RV parks located near major attractions like Disneyland or the Grand Canyon may not be convenient to the park at all. Double check exactly how far away you'll be staying - and whether trips from your campsite to your destination will be convenient.
  • Consider out-of-the-way destinations. For example, instead of looking for Dallas RV parks, consider staying outside the city at one of the area's scenic lakeside RV parks - Texas is full of options. The same is true in bustling hubs like Las Vegas. RV parks in Las Vegas can be cramped, but scenic options are available in nearby Boulder City or along Lake Mead - and they still offer proximity to fun gaming and entertainment options.
  • Just wing it! Sure, making plans and reservations can be great, but there's something to be said for simply hopping in the RV and hitting the open road. The great thing about RV parks is that there are so many of them out there - and they're usually easy to find. Just be on the lookout while you cruise the Interstate, check out brochure racks at rest stops or ask a friendly local for advice.

Whether it's a tour of the Alaskan Highway or a trip to Zion National Park in Utah, RV parks are a great alternative to rugged campsites. And whether you choose to find a place to stay on the fly or do extensive research online, RV parks are easy to find - and easy to book.

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