Troubleshooting Videos

Generator Video

The generator is designed to provide 120V electrical power when an external power supply source, such as from a camp ground, is not available.

Power Outlets Video

All vehicles have a 120V power outlet in the bathroom and kitchen. These can only be used when connected to the camp ground power supply, or when the generator is running.

Rooftop A/C Video

To use the rooftop air conditioning, you must either be connected to a campground power supply, or run the onboard generator.

Shower Video

All of our motorhomes come equipped with a shower. Turn on the water heater on the control panel, 20 minutes before use.

Thermostat Video

Our vehicles have either a manually operated rooftop air conditioning unit with accompanying wall mounted thermostat, or a single digital unit which controls both the cooling and heating of the unit.

Water Heater Video

Your motorhome is equipped with a propane water heater. The water heater on/off switch is located on the main control panel.

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