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Have you ever wanted to cruise down Route 66? Well, now you can with an RV rental in Joplin. As a starting point for Route 66, Joplin, Missouri is a great place to pick up your RV and hit the ground running, or rolling, as we like to say!

Although Route 66 seems to be the main focus point about Joplin, there are some other interesting attractions to see. For example, the George Washington Carver National Monument is a site to see. It was the first national monument to be dedicated to a non-president. As you continue on through town, the Candy House Gourmet is a must-make stop. This has been a local favorite since its opening in 1970 and continues to be a major hit!

One of the last sights you must see, the Grand Falls of Missouri. This is the largest continuously flowing waterfall in all of Missouri and certainly one of the most incredible natural sights. When planning out your trip through Joplin, the Great Falls are one of the top attractions visitors recommend.

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