Discover New Jersey

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country. The Atlantic Ocean beaches are just a walk or short drive away from any city in the state. New Jersey offers great culinary experiences with little restaurants and pizzerias up and down the state as well as great culture for young and old alike. Whether you have decided to land your family in the Italian epicenter of Ocean City or spend the nights in Asbury Park listening to live music, there is a quality of life here that echoes New York city. When you tour the state in an RV rental from Cruise America, you will have the patience and time to relax in the scenic areas and enjoy everything the Garden State has to offer.

Asbury Park – When you are in the mood for fine dining and live music, Asbury Park presents the upscale experience with the flavor of up and coming indie bands to make the experience memorable. You don’t need to drive your rental motorhome all the way to Nashville to enjoy a lively music scene, Asbury Park has been serving up Rock and Roll legends for decades. It is most famous for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist Bruce Springsteen and his premier album, “Greetings from Asbury Park.” The indie scene continues to thrive, luring newcomers from New York City and all over the East Coast. Clubs like The Stone Pony, The Saint, and Asbury Lanes continue to entertain generations of transients, locals, and tourists spilling into the area. When you arrive in a Cruise America motorhome rental, people might think you are a celebrity on tour.

Atlantic City – Home of the famous chain of beach casinos and resorts, Atlantic City has sprawled into a megacomplex of games, clubs, and oceanfront adventures. Whether you are interested in dressing up for late night dancing at the Borgata or want to experience the famous loose slots at Harrah’s resort and casino, Atlantic City has a mix of music and excitement around every corner. Fortunes have been won and lost in hours at the iconic strip. Burlesque show nightclubs and delicious Greek delights like those found at Bill’s Gyro Souvlaki restaurant are worth the trip. Bill`s is wallpapered with dollar bills signed by tourists from all over the world. When you are ready to crash for the night in your motorhome rental, the Atlantic Blueberry RV Park is waiting with arms wide open.

Cape May – Not far from the hustle-bustle of the Atlantic City boardwalk lies a pleasant and quaint little town that looks like a fairytale land made of dollhouses. The Old Victorian style of buildings here makes it one of the top destinations for tourists in New Jersey. The Cape May marketplace features all those unique items that tourists gobble up year after year. This Washington Street Mall in the heart of Cape May offers exceptional dining and shopping experiences to please the ficklest tastes. The quaint little village is exactly where you will find that one of kind anniversary or birthday gift. When you rent an RV in New Jersey, you don’t have to worry about rushing back to the hotel.

Ocean City – The futuristic George Jetson architecture of the highways winding into Ocean City make it worth the trip for this reason alone. You will find dozens of restaurants lining the shore with large pizza pies, local acts trying to win a few dollars by playing some music, and plenty of Italian families swamping the coast. You might feel like you are in a Soprano’s episode when you land here, once you see all the Italians in their swim gear trampling down the shore. The cleanliness and robust architecture makes this a memorable place to go biking on the boardwalk or swimming in the tides. Your RV rental provides you with that cozy home base to bring the family along and quickly change over into their summer swim gear.

No matter where you land your RV in New Jersey, you can rest assured that you will be among some of the most educated working-class people around. The cost of living in New Jersey is sky-high from the property taxes and the largest capiperta police force in the country. We can guarantee that you will have a safe and exciting journey throughout the Garden State in your RV rental. We recommend that you invest in an EZ Pass system or bring your current EZ Pass transponder to breeze through the maze of tolls in New Jersey. The number of awesome RV parks and interesting locations nearby, make renting an RV in New Jersey a full and rich tourist experience.

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