Discover Oklahoma

Barbecue, college football, professional basketball, rodeos, and more delicious food. These are all pieces of the puzzle for the beautiful state of Oklahoma. If you've never had the opportunity to explore the state, an RV rental in Oklahoma is a wonderful way to absorb each piece of the puzzle. Just think about it, you're the sixth and final piece of the puzzle, now let's put it together and hit the road!

While Oklahoma is known for it's vast lands and several delicious types of food, barbecue is the number one option for almost any visitor or resident. While many states claim to have the best BBQ, Oklahoma is certainly up there. In fact, the Oklahoma way of cooking BBQ is virtually a combination of Kansas City and Memphis sauces, in addition to the Texas style meat. If you're looking for the Oklahoma special, the smoke-then-fried-chicken will quickly become your best friend.

Sports. Simply said, sports are the backbone of this state. If you plan your trip accordingly, an RV rental in OKlahoma could lead to an Oklahoma Sooners college football game or an Oklahoma City Thunder NBA game. Either way, you're in for a treat. Both of these teams are considered powerhouse teams in their respective leagues, which makes for an exhilirating day of sports. Fandom is one thing, but the residents of Oklahoma are next level supporters for their sports organizations.

When it comes to cowboys, look no further. Oklahoma is at the forefront of rodeos, so when it's time for the big rodeo to come to town, you can almost guarantee a packed house. With several rodeo games being played, this is an event that will knock your socks off. If you have the opportunity to see the show, don't pass it up.

Planning your trip with an RV rental in Oklahoma is sure to be a fun time. That said, planning your trip ahead of time is key. Weather can be a bit temperamental, so don't book your trip in the colder months if you don't want to see snow. Typically, fall and spring are the best times to visit. You should see a stable climate and most of the fun events will be taking place. Oklahoma is a great place to spend a family vacation, so book your trip today. Just don't forget, upon arrival, be sure to yell "Go Sooners!"