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Rhode Island

If you are in need of a getaway (and who isn’t?), Rhode Island may be a great place to explore - especially when you’re traveling in a rental RV from Cruise America. This state is rich with historical landmarks, natural beauty, and many exciting places to see. And, when you’re seeing it from the windows of your rental RV, you combine the thrills of the open road with comfort and style. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the surprises Rhode Island has to offer.

Ocean Drive - Experience the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean on a scenic drive that circles Newport. Most everyone who takes this drive comes back raving about the beauty.With mansions on one side and the ocean on the other, you’ll find a beauty that is unparalleled. Don’t miss the opportunity to hop out of your Cruise America rental RV and “smell the roses.” For many, this means simply climbing out on the rocks and smelling the oceanaire as you enjoy the serenity of the sea. There are several beautiful old mansions to see, so lovers of history and natural beauty beware, you might never want to leave!

Cliff Walk - This is a must for anyone who’d appreciate 3.5 miles of breathtaking views. Take your family on a stroll down the northern half of the Cliff Walk. It’s a paved walking trail complete with handrails to make sure you stay safe. There are plenty of signs to keep you on track, so you needn’t worry about getting lost. Don’t forget to visit the famous stone stairway to the sea. These steps offer the perfect opportunity to take envy-inducing photos! Not only is the water gorgeous, there are several beautiful homes to look at. There are a few that offer tours, such as The Breakers. Once the hike is over, you can stretch out in your Cruise America rental RV and snooze away that fatigue!

The Breakers - As Rhode Island’s biggest and most grandiose “Summer Home,” your adventure with your rv rental wouldn’t be complete without visiting “The Breakers.” It was built by a leading member of the Vanderbilt dynasty in 1893 as a “Summer Cottage.” Although, “cottage” is not the term most would use to describe the mansion that has 70 rooms. Your family will get to see and experience what life was like for the elite during America’s industrial boom.

Bellevue Avenue - You can actually take a guided tour into many mind-boggling mansions from the Gilded Age. There many different forms of architectural design to learn about. Be sure to buy a multi-mansion ticket to see how the robber barons lived. There are many shops and restaurants along the route, as well. Visitors enjoy both driving, and walking down Bellevue Avenue to gain a full appreciation of its splendor.

Rosecliff Museum - This mansion boasts a great deal of history. It was founded by a Nevada silver heiress in 1899. Though not as dazzling as The Breakers, it still has a unique place in history. Films such as the Great Gatsby and True Lies had scenes filmed here. The grounds actually overlook Cliff Walk, which is another interesting tidbit. All in all, this mansion is a nice short trip for fans of film to check out.

Roger Williams Park - This amazing park boasts not only its 400+ acres, it also offers one of the oldest zoos in America. With hundreds of animals and exhibits, you’ll have an educational and enjoyable visit. There are even exotic species such as snow leopards and cheetahs. The park also has seven small lakes, a botanical center, Japanese Gardens, and a planetarium. You can even rent a boat and take it out on the lake during the summer. This distinguishes the park as another must-visit for families that rent an RV in Rhode Island.

Misquamicut Beach - With over a half-mile of beach front, there is plenty of room to hop out of your rental RV and stretch out in the sun. After all, walking around and visiting the many mansions and museums will make you appreciate the chance to lay on the beach and catch some warm rays and breath in the refreshing ocean air. There’s plenty of places to shop and eat lunch, as well. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting sand in your RV, as there are plenty of places to shower off.

When you travel in the comfort of your rental RV, you’ll find that the only drawback is that with all the parks, beaches and cultural landmarks, you may find it is way too beautiful to leave.

Better yet, check out a used RV for sale in Rhode Island. You may find that this is a city you want to explore on a regular basis, which means owning an RV could feed right into your future plans. Don't hesitate and miss out on a great deal!