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Is football life for you? Well then, an RV rental in Lubbock is the right move for you. Lubbock, Texas is the home of the Texas Tech Raiders and home to hundreds of thousands of die-hard college football fans. Often times, the residents of Lubbock say “If you’re coming to Lubbock, you better be attending Texas Tech or rooting for them.” Therefore, you can imagine how much this Texas-town loves their school.

Although football is a lifestyle of Lubbock residents, there are indeed other things to do. A couple of museums and attractions that make up this town include:
  • Silent Wings Museum
  • National Ranching Heritage Center
  • Rawls Golf Club
  • Stubb’s BBQ
These are four of the most popular attractions and restaurants that you will want to check off of your list while visiting Lubbock. From there, you have the option of packing up the RV and seeing what some of the other cities are all about.

Lubbock sits less than 300 miles from Fort Worth, Arlington, El Paso and just over 300 miles from Austin. This is where the real fun begins! Pick a destination, get settled in the motorhome and hit the road. The choice is yours, with regard to where you go, but the fun that you’ll have along the way is priceless. Book your Cruise America RV rental today!