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RV travel is the answer to a failing economy.

The economy is in big trouble, and there are many families who have had to make sacrifices in several areas. It has been proven, however, that one of the last sacrifices to be made is the family vacation. RV travel is turning out to be one of the most effective methods of saving the family vacation through budget management. Here are a few ways the Recreational Vehicle can help you save your family vacation:

No Airline Tickets Needed - Typically your vacation would include purchasing airline tickets to get to your destination. With the rental of an RV from Cruise America, you can choose a location within driving distance, and let your family vacation start the minute you pull out of the driveway.

No Rental Car, Thank You - With RV travel, when you arrive at your destination, you already have your rental car underneath you. The Class C RVs from Cruise America make traveling around town simple, as they are as easy to maneuver as the family vehicle. The fact that they are not the giant bus type RVs make the fuel consumption minimal as well.

Forget the Hotel - One of the beautiful things about RVs is that you don't have to find a hotel to stay in, nor do you have to schedule your trip around sleeping. Your hotel is right underneath you, and the world is your sleeping area. There are thousands of designated RV parks around the country where you can just pull in, hook up your water and sewer and you are good to go ... or sleep!

Restaurants Only When You Want - You can eat out anytime you want, but with an RV as your castle, your kitchen comes right along with you. You can stock up on food and make your own, which is a huge saver of money. There are also refrigerators in the RVs from Cruise America to keep that food fresh.

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Time is Precious - From the time you leave your home, the vacation has started. There is plenty of room for the entire family, and they can be entertained however they wish during the trip. Whether it is video games, movies or just reading in bed, it can all be accomplished while on the road, and you can take full advantage of your time off.

The amount of money saved by renting an RV from Cruise America, more than pays for the cost of the rental. It also affords the family much more quality time together. Visit Cruise America's website and learn about all of the sizes available, and decide which would work best for your family. Their whole inventory is available for inspection, along with the many locations where you can pick your next vacation saver.