RV Camping Near Hocking Hills State Park

Looking for a fun-filled adventure in Ohio? Check out our ultimate guide to RV camping near Hocking Hills State Park to plan a magnificent vacation!
Hocking Hills State Park rv camping
Where the Atlantic Ocean once ebbed and flowed, from pre-historic deposits of sand and gravel basins lies a landscape of earthen beauty and natural wonders. Ohio’s Hocking Hills State Park is an impressive park sporting a wide variety of natural scenery. From teeming woodlands to the trademark chasm, Old Man’s Cave, an unforgettable trip awaits!

Hocking Hills State Park Facts

The first step towards a memorable adventure is a little background history. Get ready for your next journey with these Hocking Hills State Park Facts!
  • The park’s name comes from Hocking River, which was initially named Hockhocking by the Wyandot tribe that lived there. 
  • The name Hockhocking translates to gourd or bottle-shaped, which describes the shape of the gorge formed by the river’s upper falls. 
  • Old Man’s Cave, the park’s most popular attraction, got its name thanks to hermit Richard Rowe. He made this area his home and was buried beneath a ledge in the cave’s central location. 
  • Around 330 million years ago, the area was completely covered by the Atlantic Ocean. Massive deposits of sand and gravel were left behind. 
  • These deposits combined with the formation of the Appalachian mountains to create the park features as they exist today.
  • A widely celebrated comic book series, Bone, is often set in a locale called Old Man’s Cave. The art and setting there were inspired by Hocking Hills State Park.
  • Native Americans settled the area as far back as 7,000 years ago to take advantage of the region’s abundant natural resources.

Best Hocking Hills State Parks and Campgrounds 

Your first step in planning an awesome trip to Hocking Hills State Park is finding your ideal campsite! For your perfect home on the road, check out our list of the best Hocking Hills State Park RV sites. 

Hocking River RV Park

Amenities: Hocking River is a simple and small park for those looking for a quaint Hocking Hills RV camping site. It’s a very affordable campsite for budget-conscious travelers. There are 30 and 50 amp hookup sites, a shower house, and all sites are located on the Hocking River for a nice view.

Capacity: 29 sites

More Information: Hocking River RV Park

Logan / Hocking Hills KOA

Amenities: Logan / Hocking Hills KOA is a highly rated spot among Hocking Hills State Park RV campgrounds. The grounds are well-maintained and packed with all the amenities you’ll need. Each site has 50 amp hookups, WiFi, a shared kitchen, and clean restrooms. This is a great choice for families, too — check out their RC car race track!

Capacity: 174 sites

More Information: Logan / Hocking Hills KOA

Lakeview RV Park

Amenities: Lakeview RV Park is one of the RV campgrounds near Hocking Hills State Park that offers unique amenities along with a lakeside view. All RV sites have 30 and 50 amp hookups and WiFi. Their propane and sewage stations make for a convenient stopping point before hitting the road again. The main draw here is water activities like on-site diving and glass-bottom boat rentals.

Capacity: 70 sites

More Information: Lakeview RV Park

High Rock Hideaways Campground

Amenities: For RV campgrounds near Hocking Hills State Park that promise a gorgeous view, check out High Rock Hideaways. Hide Rock Hideaways is conveniently located just 10 minutes away from Old Man’s Cave. This is the prime choice for a Hocking Hills RV rental if having the breadth of nature just outside your doorstep while ensuring some peace and quiet is your priority. Private hiking trails on the site mean you can have a way to avoid the crowds of the park if needed. Each of the four RV sites here comes with a ton of open space and privacy. Keep in mind that there are no shared restrooms available.

Capacity: 4 sites

More Information: High Rock Hideaways Campground

Hocking Hills Jellystone RV Park

Amenities: If you’re looking for the perfect spot for a family vacation with younger children, Jellystone is the best choice among Hocking Hills State Park RV campgrounds. Their commitment to providing a beautiful ground with kid-friendly activities is sure to delight. There are shared restrooms, 30 and 50 hookups, kid’s play areas, and plenty of open space and picturesque scenery here. 

Capacity: 92 sites

More Information: Hocking Hills Jellystone RV Park

Best Time to Visit Hocking Hills State Park for RV Camping

Now that your home base is set, it’s time to figure out a date. Our seasonal guide below has everything you’ll need to know to pick the best time for RV camping in Hocking Hills State Park.


Winter might not be your first choice for RV camping near Hocking Hills State Park, but there’s no need to fear the cold Ohio winters. Winter temperatures in Hocking Hills State Park range from the mid-30s to the mid-50s.

When visiting Hocking Hills State Park in the winter, there’s much to do, like ice fishing, sledding, ice skating, or even hiking. The low intensity of the wind and sparse crowds make winter the most peaceful and quiet time to enjoy nature.


If you’re interested in wildflower viewing while RV camping in Hocking Hills State Park, spring might be the season for you. Aim for March through early June to take in violets, columbines, bluebells, and more.

The weather in spring hovers around a pleasant 60 degrees in the daytime. Additionally, the spring is the rainiest season averaging about 8 to 10 days of rain per month, so bring storm gear. The upside is that the increased rainfall makes the park’s waterfalls an even more impressive site. Don’t miss out on them!


Don’t neglect the summer months — the weather is perfect for a summer adventure. The summer heat is bearable, with temperatures peak in the 80s. 

Summer is without question the best time for adventures in the water, like kayaking or canoe trips. Hiking is still a great summer activity since a lot of trails in the park are shaded nicely. Expect a healthy crowd, so plan and book early if a summer visit is right for you.


Fall must be the most beautiful season for RV camping near Hocking Hills State Park. The foliage turns a diverse and rich palette of auburn, gold, and red. The gorgeous fall atmosphere perfectly accentuates one of the park’s many scenic trails.

The fall temperature holds steady at 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit; however, it can get brisk in the evening, so pack some extra layers. With such moderate temperatures and colorful scenery, fall is a great time to see the park from a bird’s eye view. You have a few options to do that via ziplining, a hot air balloon ride, or even a scenic drive.

Things to do in Hocking Hills State Park 

This diverse and exciting place has no shortage of sites to see and adventures waiting for you. Our handy list of things to do in Hocking Hills State Park has lively options to get you started.
  • Visit Old Man’s Cave. This massive recess is a wondrous sight to behold. The rock here has been slowly cut down by the gorge’s creek. Besides taking atmospheric photos, you can see interesting rock formations of subterranean earth here.
  • Go winter hiking. Winter hiking in the park is something special. The sense of solitude and quiet, along with the pretty snow-crusted landscape, can be a transcendent experience. Just avoid late December to mid-January since the temperatures can be frigid.
  • Ride a zipline. For a uniquely exhilarating thrill, try one of the park’s zipline rides. Get a view of the landscape from the forest canopy as you feel the wind rushing past. This is a great choice for fall to see the breadth of the autumn foliage.
  • Try a guided horseback riding tour. Visit one of the stables around the park for a journey through the park as early settlers may have once seen it — on horseback! This could be fun for the whole family or a unique way to enjoy Ohio’s natural scenery. 

Tips on Visiting Hocking Hills State Park

taylor-gilmore-JbqFuQ_6pr0-unsplash.jpgBefore you set off on your trip, keep these tips on visiting Hocking Hills State park in mind to make sure your stay is a pleasant one.
  • Carry a flashlight. A few of the trails wind through caves with little natural light. If you’re exploring a bit later than you intend to, a flashlight could be a lifesaver.
  • Book weekdays. The park is extremely popular with locals, so a weekday trip could mean a more sparsely inhabited visit.
  • Pack extra water. The trails can be a bit strenuous in parts, so make sure you’ve got enough water to last you.
  • There is no internet access at all, so make sure you’ve planned well in advance.
  • Download the Hocking Hills offline map for ease of planning and in case of an emergency.
  • Bring your own paper map, too! Some visitors report having a hard time finding resources to navigate with.

RV Rental for Hocking Hills State Park 

@f_o_n_z.jpgPhoto Credit: Instagram User @f_o_n_z

For a Hocking Hills State Park RV rental good enough to call home, Cruise America’s got you covered!

Their line of RVs is suitable for any party size or budget. From RV newbies to seasoned road warriors, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your next adventure.

Book a Hocking Hills RV rental today!


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