14 Camping Cocktails Made Easy

It’s five o’clock somewhere! Kick off your outdoor Happy Hour with one of these camp-inspired cocktails. 
14 Camping Cocktails Made Easy

Just because you’re going camping doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a great cocktail hour. With a little prep, enjoying mixed and prepared drinks on your camping trip is as easy as pie (mmmmm, now we want pie!). Here are 14 of our favorite camping cocktails to enjoy by the fire, on the lake or snuggled up in an RV rental.

Campfire Sling

Put on a show for your friends with this fun drink made by the fire with gin, apple cider and lemon. If you’re up for the challenge, the show really starts when you release the oils from the orange zest through a flaming wood pick.

Photo Credit: Town and Country Magazine

Apple Pie Bourbon Shots 

It’s not Mom’s apple pie, but apples, cinnamon and bourbon make for a comforting drink at the end of day full of outdoor adventure.

rv-rental_camping-cocktail_apple-pie-bourbon-(1).jpgPhoto Credit: Delish

Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour 

A little deviation from the classic whiskey sour, this recipe is definitely worth a try. The bourbon-based drink includes lemon juice and maple syrup, with an optional pinch of cinnamon.

rv-rental_camping-cocktail_cinnamon-maple-whiskey-sour-(1).pngPhoto Credit: COOKIE + Kate

Pumpkin Spice White Russians 

This easy recipe is a favorite among fall campers and includes vodka, Kahlua and the extra graham crackers from all of your S’mores.

Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule

This Moscow Mule recipe adds just a little twist on the standard version. Along with vodka and ginger beer, accent it with cranberry juice, sparkling apple juice and cranberries for garnish.

rv-rental_camping-cocktail_Apple-Cranberry-Moscow-Mule-(1).jpgPhoto Credit: Heather Christo

Irish Coffee

This recipe is the camper’s friend, especially in the morning to start your day of fishing or hiking. Bonus points if you add whipped cream!  

rv-rental_camping-cocktail_irish-coffee-(1).pngPhoto Credit: COOKIE + Kate

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is the classic bourbon drink. With this delicious treat, you can “fancy it up” with a slice of orange if you have it, but it’s not required.


Photo Credit: Liquor

Apple Cider Mojito 

This easy recipe adds a little mint and cider to your regular mojito, along with a splash of seltzer and a cinnamon stick!

Maple Leaf

If you have some lemonade on hand and some syrup or honey from your breakfast, this is a great bourbon drink recipe. Bourbon, maple syrup, lemon juice and cinnamon make up a great cocktail.

rv-rental_camping-cocktail_maple-leaf-cocktail-(2).jpgPhoto Credit: Leite's Culinaria

Hot Toddy

When it gets a little chilly, this drink is an easy-to-make warmer upper! Whiskey, honey, lemon juice and a cinnamon stick warm you up on a cool evening.

rv-rental_camping-cocktail_Hot-toddy-(1).pngPhoto Credit: COOKIE + Kate

Pine Cone Punch

This is a truly tasty combination of rum, pineapple juice and pine liqueur, not to mention an easy recipe.

rv-rental_camping-cocktail_pine-cone-punch-(1).jpegPhoto Credit: Chow Hound

Whiskey and Marshmallow

If you’re camping, you probably have marshmallows, right? This recipe puts the classic camping treat on top of warm whiskey for a delicious cocktail. 

Photo Credit: Freckle and Fair


Mimosas are another classic and easy recipe to make while camping. Add a little of your favorite fruit or juice if you like. And for a non-alcoholic version for the non-drinkers in your crew, sub in sparkling white grape juice.

rv-rental_camping-cocktail_mimosa-(1).pngPhoto Credit: Chew Out Loud

Dark and Stormy 

Hopefully it won’t resemble the weather on your trip, but rum, beer and a lime wedge make for an easy and delicious drink.

rv-rental_camping-cocktail_dark-and-stormy-(1).jpgPhoto Credit: Epicurious

Other Camping Recipes 

You know what pairs well with camping cocktails? Well, anything really! But these recipes for camping desserts are the perfect way to indulge at the end of a full day of opting outside. 

Remember to drink responsibly and to never drink and drive. 

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