Discover Nebraska

From the great prairies to the stunning Sandhills to the panhandle`s dramatic rock formations, sightseeing from your RV rental in Nebraska is the perfect way to take in all this awesome state has to offer! Whether you are a history buff, a nature fanatic, a lover of museums and monuments or a shopaholic, you can look forward to making great memories during your trip to Nebraska in your Cruise American motorhome rental.
Now read on to learn about must-see highlights during your Nebraska RV rental trip!

Chimney Rock Natural Historic Site
This 480-foot towering rock formation has been conservatively dated back to 25 million years ago! There is an on-site visitor center with knowledgeable staff to outline important geologic facts and offer a history of the Overland trail itself. The Overland trail was the principle roadway pilgrims used to migrate out west, often carrying everything they owned on horseback or in the family wagon. The Chimney Rock formation served as an important landmark and milestone on their journey.

Indian Cave State Park and Lincoln Bend Wetlands
Point your Cruise America motorhome rental to some of the nation`s most important historical formations in Nebraska. Indian Cave state park features a roomy cave whose walls are covered with petroglyphs featuring scenes of wildlife and nature. It is thought some of these petroglyphs are more than a thousand years old! The adjoining Lincoln Bend Wetlands are part of the state`s famed salt marshes, where whole communities of salt water plants and wildlife co-exist and thrive. The unique salty water is actually a mixture of fresh and salt water coming in from multiple sources. Not only did the presence of the salt wetlands help encourage the development of the now-capital city of Lincoln, but geological studies have traced the emergence of the deepest waters to a layer of rock that dates back to the Cretaceous period (160 million years ago)!

Henry Doorly Zoo
While a zoo might not typically make your top list of things to see and do in a brand new state, the Henry Doorly Zoo qualifies as an exception. This zoo is home to the largest indoor desert in the world! As if that isn`t enough, it also houses the largest indoor rainforest and the largest exhibit of nocturnal wildlife. If you are traveling with the younger set, they will love the interactive exhibits, especially the chance to touch stingrays as they swim past. There is also a vibrant aquarium to marvel at while you are there.

Nebraska`s Rivers
If you arrive during the summer season, you won`t want to miss tubing or kayaking down the Niobrara River all the way to the lovely Smith Falls inside Smith Falls State Park.
Or if you prefer, you can go tanking (a Nebraska tradition) on the Calamus River - this entails you piloting a rotund water container normally reserved for thirsty livestock down the river with oars and (if you like) a rented cooler full of goodies. The truth is, Nebraska is home to 80,000+ miles of rivers and tributaries, which means you will have more than a few water sports to choose from regardless of when you arrive!

Wildlife Safari Park
Outside of Nebraska, many people think the wild bison has disappeared from the plains. Inside of Nebraska, the natives know the truth - there are still so many bison to be seen! The Wildlife Safari Park in Ashland, Nebraska, is a terrific place to drive your Cruise America rental motorhome with 440 drivable acres (about four miles) where you can see bison, elk, wild turkeys, deer, wolves, cranes and other species without even having to leave your RV!

Old Market and Haymarket District
Old Market is in Omaha, Nebraska, and Haymarket District is in Lincoln, Nebraska. Both feature vibrant shopping and dining in historic buildings replete with perfectly restored cobblestone or inset brick streets reminiscent of the early 19th century. Browse through boutiques and art galleries, grab a coffee or enjoy a snack or a fine meal while planning your next Nebraska adventures in your RV rental.

Sandhills Scenic Driving Tour
The stunning Sandhills covers a full quarter of the state itself. This unique assortment of grasslands, lakes and dunes, some of which reach 300+ feet tall, is not to be missed!

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