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As one of the most historic cities in the country, an RV rental in Fredericksburg is one of the best ways to take a deep dive into America’s past. The Washington Heritage Museums, Fredericksburg Battlefield, Fredericksburg National Cemetery, and much more. There are an endless amount of historical items to cross off of your list while visiting, so be sure to plan ahead with a Cruise America motorhome.

With so much history taking place in one city, you’ll want to be sure you are scheduling all of your plans well ahead of time. If not, you may miss out on one of these monumental pieces of history. For starters, tours at each of these locations is one of the most efficient ways to explore. A professional tour guide will walk you through each piece of history and give you a full breakdown of the history that took place there.

From Fredericksburg, Virginia, Washington D.C. is less than 60 miles away. Being able to drive there to see even more of our Nation’s history, in addition to the White House, the Capital, and much more makes for another great reason as to why a camper van is the way to go. There’s no sense in bouncing back and forth between hotels when you can get one on wheels! Check out these other places with just a short drive away. You can even get an RV rental in Alexandria, VA. Contact Cruise America today and let us help you plan out the ultimate vacation in Virginia.