Cruise America RV Rental & Sales

RV sales in California are at an all time high, as the popularity of the RV lifestyle continues to grow and grow. Since the gold rush of 1848, people have been flocking to the state of California with hopes of a better life as an actor, an artist, a beachcomber, or just to admire the endless supply of beauty the state has to offer. It's a promised land for travelers because there is no other place on earth that can compare with culturally and ethnically diverse cities like San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and everything in-between. And nowhere else on earth will you find a more creative atmosphere. As far as advanced technology goes, California is king although it helps to be the home of some of the best universities in the world.

California has been bestowed some of the most wonderful and diverse gifts of nature, which adds to the enjoyment of RV travel. It boasts the highest mountain in the nation (Mount Whitney), as well as the lowest elevation and hottest place in the country (Death Valley). In addition, the state has the largest, tallest and oldest trees in the world (Redwood, Sequoia and Bristlecone Pine). In California you will also find one of the highest waterfalls in the world (Yosemite Falls) and what has been referred to as one of the best views on the entire American continent (Glacier Point at Yosemite National Park). And what better route could one ever drive than along the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1)? The list of things that allure RV travelers to the Golden State goes on and on.

As you travel the roads of California, you will no doubt see many Cruise America class C motorhomes with our iconic and recognizable designs adorning the exterior of the units. That's because we are the largest, and certainly the most well known RV rental company in the United States and Canada. But did you know that in addition to providing excellent, unparalleled rental RVs, we also sell them, too?

Once people take advantage of our RV rentals and fall in love with this comfortable, convenient form of travel, they start looking into the possibility of purchasing their very own motorhome. And while most everybody knows we rent RVs, there are many who don't realize that we also sell them. The same great customer service that has made Cruise America the number one rental dealership in the nation is what has also made us the best place to purchase an RV.

None of the motorhomes that are in our rental fleet ever get old, nor do they ever wear out. First, our motorhomes are manufactured to our strict specifications, with features that make our units extra rugged and durable. We want to know that they can endure the continual use our renters put them through. Because they travel all year 'round, they need to be meticulously serviced and maintained. Another reason our units never wear out is because we continually rotate our stock, making room for new RVs by selling some of the coaches in our top-of-the-line fleet. Each motorhome we place up for sale has years and years of good use left. That is why we are confident enough to include a 3-month/3,000-mile powertrain warranty at no additional charge with every sale. In addition, each unit is eligible for an optional extended service plan.

When we decide to sell one of our units, we turn it over to our team of skilled RV technicians so they can start the renovation process, bringing it back to its like-new condition. Any repairs or adjustments that are needed are completed on the exterior, the interior and under the hood. It's actually a very seamless transition, as the coach is in incredible shape to begin with. Our maintenance schedule for our RVs is adhered to religiously, and we make sure that every time the RV is returned, it goes through the same process of repairing, cleaning and sanitizing. When the time comes to sell it, there isn't much that needs to be done.

When the RV has been renovated and is ready to go onto our sales lot, we post photos and specs onto our website. Customers that purchase one of our used RVs not only get an amazing motorhome in an amazing condition, they save thousands and thousands of dollars.

We can sell our used motorhomes at lower prices than any other dealer, and here's why: our RVs produce an income for Cruise America during their rental life. They have served their financial purpose already. We don't need to make a profit on the sale of these units. Instead, we'd rather pass the savings on to you, the customer.

Anyone who hasn't been a part of the RV travel experience is in for a happy surprise once they give it a try.

  • No more airline tickets, security lines and cancelled or delayed flights
  • Plenty of room to carry as many suitcases as you like
  • No need to follow anyone's schedule but your own
  • No car rentals and no searching for expensive hotel rooms near your destination
  • No check in and checkout times
  • No required eating out for every meal, as your unit comes with a complete kitchen
  • The kids travel in comfort, playing video games or admiring the generous window views of scenery that you'd never get from an airplane
  • No more using dirty gas station restrooms and showers

In the event that you rent an RV from us and then decide to buy one of our quality used coaches, we will reimburse you up to $3,000 of your time and mileage rental charges towards that purchase. This offer is valid up to six months from the time you make the trip to the time you buy your RV.

Those who purchase an RV from one of our California locations are sure to start traveling right away. It would take a lifetime to see and do all that California has to offer, let alone all of the attractions in the neighboring states.

Visit our sales center in Los Angeles or San Francisco today and start enjoying all that this nation has to offer.