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    11 W. Hampton Avenue
    Mesa, Arizona, 85210

    Robert Lyter

    Sales Pro:
    Dave Jones, Scott Spangenberg

    Mon-Sat.: 9am- 5pm Sun. 10am-3pm

Used RV Inventory 1-25 of 143 for Phoenix (Mesa), Arizona

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
201423A254388106,716PendingPhoenix (Mesa), AZSelectSDPHX
201523A254534148,362$27,485Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254614146,241$27,485Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254634141,400$27,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254659134,579$28,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254526135,461$28,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254529133,812$28,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254695131,457$28,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254467128,364$29,485Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201428A303378109,784$29,485Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelectS PHX
201523A254551124,390$29,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254589121,803$29,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254599122,917$29,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254702123,654$29,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201528A304202151,894$29,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254703119,422$30,485Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254644119,355$30,485Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254592117,915$30,485Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254661116,594$30,485Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254672118,673$30,485Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254690110,934$30,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254635112,442$30,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254597110,593$30,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254582113,708$30,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX
201523A254556111,824$30,985Phoenix (Mesa), AZSelect  PHX

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The temperatures in Phoenix and the surrounding areas are constantly mild, producing some of the prettiest desert landscape in existence. This makes for beautiful conditions to travel in your RV. In fact, the headquarters of Cruise America is in Mesa, just a few minutes away. This makes finding a great price on a top-of-the-line motorhome easy. All it takes is a visit to Cruise America, or to our website, to see our ever-changing current list of Phoenix RV sales inventory.

Arizona is one of the most popular RV destinations in the nation. That's because of the pleasant temperatures during the fall, winter and spring seasons. No matter which direction you steer your motorhome when leaving Phoenix, you'll end up traveling somewhere beautiful. From desert to mountains, forests to lakes and rivers, you'll find it in, or near, Phoenix. Arizona sees a large number of winter visitors each year, so you will find hundreds of high quality RV parks across the entire state.

While practically everyone knows about Cruise America being the leading RV rental expert in the nation, there are many who don't know that we sell RVs too! If you happen to live in the Phoenix area, and if you are shopping for a great used RV, we are the place to come to. You will find prices like nowhere else on our late model RVs that we offer up for sale as we make room for new inventory.

Every one of our units is completely self-sustainable. If you want to, you can pull over anywhere and enjoy all of the comforts of home. These comforts include a complete kitchen, adequate water storage for showering, washing dishes and flushing toilets, heating and cooling, a generator for power when you can't plug in and very roomy accommodations for sleeping.

People want to know how we keep our rental units in such good condition. So good, in fact, that they look brand new when they are placed up for sale. Whenever one of our renters returns a unit to us, our RV technicians comb over it, making sure that everything is cleaned, sanitized and in good working order. This goes for the interior, the exterior and under the hood. This makes it easy to sell the RV in like-new condition when the time comes to put it on the sales lot. Anything that needs to be done to bring the unit to its original pristine condition, we do. It is our goal that every customer that purchases one of our reconditioned motorhomes is completely happy with their RV, as well as the ridiculously low price they paid for it.

Our class C recreational vehicles come in three different sizes, as one size does not fit all. Depending on the size of your travel party, and how much cargo you want to carry, we can get you in the exact model that will best suit your travel needs.

If you are a resident of Arizona, come see us at our sales location in Mesa. If you live elsewhere, take a look at our website to see where the nearest Cruise America sales location is, and hop onboard the RV lifestyle in th

RV sales in Arizona are booming, and it's probably because of the mild year round temperatures, the perfect blend of scenery, and the fact that Mesa, Arizona is the home of Cruise America's headquarters. If you live in the Phoenix area, and you're in the market for a great used RV, we have a very helpful hint for you; buy one from us! Most people know that Cruise America rents RVs, but not many folks are aware that we sell them too! You can take advantage of the unparalleled prices we offer by visiting us online, or dropping by one of our sales locations and choosing from dozens of inexpensive, late model motorhomes that are offered up for sale as we make room for new inventory.

Cruise America's many years in business has resulted in a sales team with a great deal of experience and knowledge of motorhomes, and how to match you with just the right one for you. The sales representative will question you and learn what your wants and needs are. He or she can find the right coach that will fit nicely into your budget, and will help you fulfill your traveling needs. Every unit is self-sustainable, complete with water storage, heating, cooling, hot water, shower, commode, kitchen, generator and plenty of sitting and sleeping room for the whole group. Not only are our motorhomes comfortable to travel in as a passenger, they are relaxingly easy to drive. It's hard to beat the comfort that one of our high quality motorhomes can provide.

Each time a renter returns one of our rental class C motorhomes, our team of technicians goes over it with a fine toothcomb, seeing to it that everything is clean, sanitary and in good repair on the inside, the outside and under the hood. When the time comes to sell a unit, the technicians go over it once again, doing whatever must be done to bring the unit back to a like-new condition. We want each of our customers to be extremely happy with the purchase they make. We know that our prices cannot be beat, and we like to think that there is no other company that cares for their RV inventory as well as we do.

RVs are not a "one size fits all" type of vehicle. Our Cruise America class C RVs come in three sizes to accommodate your traveling party. Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple or as an entire family, we have just the right model for you.

When you join the millions of Americans who have discovered the joys of RVing, you'll discover a whole new realm of travel. There is not a more comfortable way to spend a family vacation than in your own motorhome. You can go where you want to go, when you want to go, and there are never any checkout times to adhere to. You needn't follow anyone's schedule but your own.

When you travel in an RV, it eliminates the need for purchasing expensive airline tickets. You don't need to fly, and you don't need to rent a car once you get to your location. You will never have to eat in restaurants if you choose not to, as each of our units come with a full kitchen, complete with a stove, refrigerator and a microwave oven. When you are traveling, you don't have to stop for snacks and drinks because you can carry all the goodies you want. Along with that, there is plenty of space to carry luggage, bicycles, barbeque grills, outdoor games and much more. That's because of the generous cargo space each unit has built in to it. Another big advantage of traveling in an RV is that you no longer need to find hotel rooms to rent. Most families require more than one room, and that get's expensive! When you travel in an RV, you carry your hotel on your back, right there with you. If the kids get sleepy, they can lay down at any time. And best of all, you don't need to checkout early to accommodate the hotel's schedule, you can sleep in your comfortable RV beds for as long as you like, opening the windows and taking in the fresh air and clear skies of wherever you're camping.

The entire Phoenix area is referred to as the Valley of the Sun. It's comprised of several towns, such as Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, etc. There are a myriad of things to see and do in the valley. While you're there, take in an Arizona Cardinals game, or float down the Salt River on inner tubes, or go boating at one of the many lakes in the area. Just east of the Valley you can visit the infamous Superstition Mountains to search for the fabled Lost Dutchman's gold. It's not a far trip to Old Tucson, the site of so many movie sets, and while you're near, plan on a visit to the town of Tombstone to see where the gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place, and visit the old Boothill Cemetery.

Arizona is a great place to enjoy an RV. No matter which way you point your motorhome, you'll end up going somewhere you will enjoy. Travel north and you'll pass through some smaller Arizona towns in the cool country, such as Prescott, Sedona, Flagstaff and eventually the Grand Canyon. Travel southeast and you'll be on your way to Tucson. Head west and you're California bound, and traveling east will get you to New Mexico.

Because of the huge number of winter visitors that Arizona sees each year, there are hundreds of highly rated RV parks across the entire state. You can take your choice of scenery, be it desert, mountains or lakes.

If you live in Arizona, come see us at our sales location in Mesa to look at our sales inventory. If you live elsewhere, check out our website for the sales location nearest you, and the availability and pricing of your future motorhome.