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Used RV Sales in Denver, CO

  • Sales Center:
    8950 Federal Blvd.
    Federal Heights, Colorado, 80260

    Samish Pant

    Sales Pro:
    Joe Williams

    Mon- Sat: 9am- 5pm

Used RV Inventory 1-10 of 10 for Denver, Colorado

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
201428A303334118,892$26,485Hot Deal IconDenver (Federal Heights), COSelectY DEN
201523A254420140,576$27,985Denver (Federal Heights), COSelectS DEN
201523A254616141,380$27,985Denver (Federal Heights), COSelectS DEN
201428A304081116,882$28,485Denver (Federal Heights), COSelect  DEN
201428A303395113,000$28,985Denver (Federal Heights), COSelectS DEN
201523A254540132,059$28,985Denver (Federal Heights), COSelect  DEN
201428A303360105,003$29,485Denver (Federal Heights), COSelect  DEN
201428A303388103,556$29,985Denver (Federal Heights), COSelect  DEN
201523A254448124,040$29,985Denver (Federal Heights), COSelect  DEN
201523A254429117,992$30,485Denver (Federal Heights), COSelect  DEN

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If you have ever explored the world of Denver RV sales, you know that there are many to choose from. This is good news if you're in the market for an RV. The better news is that Cruise America has a sales location in Denver. That's right; we don't just rent RVs … we sell them, too!

Each time we purchase new RVs for our fleet, we sell some of our used ones to make room. These RVs that we put up for sale are in great condition. That's because each time a unit comes back from being rented, our technicians go over it closely to make sure that the coach is clean, sanitized and in good working order. This applies to the exterior, the interior and under the hood. And because these units served their purpose as rentals, we don't need to seek a profit by selling them. We pass the savings on to you by offering prices lower than you'll find anywhere else.

Before an RV is sold, we completely renovate it, bringing it back to its original, like-new condition. This is easy, as we take such meticulous care of all of the units during their lifetime with Cruise America.  We want to assure that every customer that purchases one of our top-of-the-line class C RVs is completely happy for the entire time they own it.

We have over 120 Cruise America rental locations. Of those locations, 12 have been designated as sales centers. This is where anyone looking to purchase an RV will find the deal of a lifetime.

To view the inventory that we currently have for sale near you, check our website. Be aware, however, that the list is currently changing, as these units don't stick around for very long. If you miss your shot, don't worry; there will be more shortly.

If you're new to the world of RV travel, you'll discover that there are several reasons that make this the best way to get around. When you own a recreational vehicle, you no longer need to pay the high price of airline tickets. You can also skip the hassles of finding hotels and being forced to eat in expensive restaurants for every meal. In addition, you needn't try to pack everything you may need on the trip in one or two suitcases. With one of our class C RVs, you will enjoy a large amount of cargo space, adequate for just about anything you may want to take along on your trip.

With an RV, your land travel options are virtually unlimited. If there is a road, you can get to where you want to go. If you decide to camp boondock style, that's okay, as each unit is completely self-sustainable. If you prefer the convenience of staying in RV parks, you'll find an abundance of them spread across the entire country.

If you're looking for a high quality, used RV, you won't find a better product at a lower price than at Cruise America. Visit us online or come by one of our sales centers and we'll show you how to quickly and easily become an RV owner.